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The Scandal Sheet: Straights and other stuff

I guess I forgot to make a journal entry today. Had a nice shave with my Daishi. A really nice shave, actually. The new badger is a keeper, although still a little more scrubby than I want every day, but perfect for the days I do want it. I loaded a Treet 7 day into one of my LCs and that was very nice too. Close, efficient, and no blood.

Had a nice video chat with another member about DIY aftershaves, straights, hones, and music. That was nice too. Took a nap this afternoon since it was raining anyway.

I just read that Mark James passes away. You may not know the name but you know his work. He wrote Suspicious Minds, Always On My Mind, Hooked On a Feeling, among other songs. RIP.

Be well and happy Father's Day for the dads and kids out there. I think that covers most of us.
I'm still working on my coffee while everybody sleeps but I have another shave story. I mentioned that I had left a couple safety razors loaded up for Mrs. Scandalous to use. Well, she never did get around to it and I think I ended up using the Fatip and putting it back in the drawer. But yesterday I guess she decided to take a relaxinf bath and shave her legs while I napped. She wasn't sure which razors to use so she picked the Razorock Old Type and another one. I found out after the fact.

"So which one did you use?"
"I don't know, one of the kind of gold ones that had a blade in it..." As it turned out she used the most aggressive SC, the one with a Feather in it. "How was that?" I asked, apprehensively. "Well, it was really close but it felt a little scary." The other leg she used the RROT and said it was smoother bur she missed a few hairs.

I said, how does your skin feel now? Good but a little dry. I offered the Veg. She loves the smell. Will it burn? Maybe. Lol. But it goes away fast. So I slapped some on. OH IT BURNS was followed by wow, that feels really great now!

Yeah. I know. 😂
Late write-up today again. Two of my kids are out of town but the other two and I and Mrs. Scandalous went over to Stillwater, a quaint little river town on the outskirts of the metro area. Hit some antique shops, other shops too. Didn't buy anything. Well, I didn't. Didn't see much in the way of shaving gear except a couple Gems and a few rusty straights. The only tools I was interested in were a little dear. They must have had 500 hand planes of various sizes and types. Then we had pizza which took a while but was worth the wait in the end.

Shave was somehow closer and more comfortable than any in recent memory, and all those have been pretty darn good. Not sure if it was the straight, the soap, or the DE, probably the intersection of all three. Straight was Koraat, soap was Beeswax, DE was LC with the same Treet as yesterday. Finished with the Veg. Nice all around. I also crawled up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters on the back of the house. Should have done it before the 2.5" of rain yesterday, but we've got more in the forecast.

I hope you all are having a good day.
I'll have to give that a listen when I have a minute, Eric. Not familiar with them.

After yesterday's really nice shave I started thinking about what if anything I did different. Well, I think I washed my face with Stirling preshave first, rinsed thoroughly, and then applied Proraso preshave and let it set while I stropped. Probably overkill, but maybe... so I had time this morning and did the same thing. Different straight, but everything else was more or less the same. And again, the results were really nice. Managed to chase BBS and get there, but my skin feels less impacted than usual for that result. I'll have to give this a try with MdC for a couple days. I usually shy away from the Stirling preshave with MdC because if I don't get it rinsed completely it makes the lather a little sticky.

And even as I sit here reflecting, I'm not sure if the difference is that the shave was easier or that my skin feels better. Possibly both. Anyway. It may be overkill but the results sure are nice.

I still need to call my own dad, I tried last night but he was on the phone with someone else. Plus I just saw him in the flesh last weekend, so it's not like he's sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring.

Be well, everyone.
Today I continued the mini experiment of Stirling preshave soap followed by Proraso preshave, this time with MdC. I don't know if it was notably better than my usual routine with MdC but it wasn't worse either. I used the TGN brush again, the funk is pretty much gone now and it makes lather like a champ. Straight was Heljestrand MK 3, it was very nice as always. For the DE I grabbed the Fatip Retro and loaded a Feather. I really love this combo. I may have been using a shallower angle (that's my default but I like this razor neutral to steep too). It was smooth and pretty efficient although I did have to work for it on the throat. Finished with the Veg. Got some stingle on the throat but not bad.

I did order an R41 head last night. Not like I need it. Maybe I'll love it. Maybe not.

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