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The Samurai Down Under - Feather All Stainless

G'Day Mates,

I have done it! Yep I got myself the Feather All Stainless DE Razor.

I have to say it is mesmerising beautiful. A work of art! Japanese craftmanship at it's best. Damn it! I can't stop looking at it. No blemishes, no imperfections, no rattles and 90g of pure stainless magic.

The Razor comes in packaged wooden box gently tucked away in black foam padding and includes a five pack of Feather DE blades.


How does it shave I hear you ask?

The razor glides accross my face with ease. In fact, it felt like it was floating accross my skin yet removing a 4 day growth (Thick) like it wasn't there. WOW!! Clearly out-performs my beloved Vintage Gillettes and Merkur any day The closest shave I have ever had by far....

Aggressive vs Mild!

No it's not aggressive but DOES IT NEED TO BE!!! Once you get use get the angle and pressure the age old arguement of Aggressive vs Mild goes out the window.

Balance and Grip

Perfect on both counts

Is it worth the hefty price?


I dwelled over the decision to pay $200+ for a razor for a month. I read all the postings and did some research.

You need to see it to appreciate it's beauty and craftmanship and use it to appreciate it's brilliant function. It really is as good as "they" say it is.


I want one so bad, but i dont know why im being cheap about this particular Razor, I want to get one for $150.00 The most. Is that impossible? There was a vendor that had it up for a few for $150.00, but now he said his prices from his supplier went up so he is charging $172.00 not including shipping :eek:/ can some help me find the lowest price possible? Or maybe send me ine for christmas.
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I got the Feather from Safetyrazor.com.au. They are based in Sydney and it got delivered to my doorstep the next day. They actually repacked the Wooden box in foam box with shockprooof foam pallets. Fantastic service. Check it out.

Gratz!! I got mine a few days ago and that's exactly my take on the Feather.I even did a head shave on it with no nicks.
I just started wetshaving in September, and started with the Feather AS. It's craftsmanship is great, and I'm getting better and better with it. It is a wonderful razor, and I do feel it is worth the money. It definitely shaves good, my only request would be a longer handle. You certainly made a good choice, enjoy your Feather!
I completely agree with you. As I have retired my other Razors, I only use my Feather and more I use it the better I am getting at it. It's almost impossible to cut yourself with it. Perfection!!
Be careful not to use too much pressure with it. They feel like they aren't doing anything and there is a tendency to press down because of it.
When I visit japan, I'm going to go look for a store that sells DE and DE items!

You'll be looking for a long time! I've been here coming up to 5 years now, and the only DE i've seen in stores here is the Feather Popular. They have Feather DE blades in a few places, and tons of quality aftershaves, but as for other DEs or items to go with it, i've never seen any! I've heard rumours of places in Tokyo and not checked there, but in Osaka I didn't really see anything.
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