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The same old - same old : help me pick out a new brush

This would be my arguably my third, although my second is a travel brush, and kind of small. I still use my first brush because I prefer the density and width of the brush. I have this guy :


which came with the VDH luxury kit back in the day. Definitely looking to upgrade, but last time my Wife got me a decent EJ badger that was also more of a travel brush. Smaller, definitely less width/brush to load, and so forth.

As you esteemed gentlemen tend to be just a little bit informed on shaving brushes, I was looking for a recommendation of a good Badger brush, anywhere from say 50 to 80 bucks, with the same sort of density/brush width as the VDH one I already own. I've already ordered some Stirling Soap pucks, Canoe cologne (which smells just like Clubman, go figure) and a bottle of that Krampert's Frostbite, and best of all it's on my Wife. Per the wife I have between 50 to 80 to spend, and I think a nice new brush is in order.
Take a look at the Simpson Commodore or Duke. In best badger I think the are in your price range.Great brushes throughout the line. Also, you could look at Rooney which makes a terrific line of badgers.
Badger - Whipped Dog gets lots of good reviews, and giventhe cost this would be my first badger brush. Beyond that, no idea.

Synthetic - Muhle silvertip fiber.

Boar - Semogue or Omega.
Two quick questions : the knot diameter is what gives it the width right? And how is the quality, as I've never heard of 'Finest Badger'. Is that sort of like a Pure and Best Badger brush? Thanks

The knot diameter is the size of the knot in the brush. The larger the diameter the bigger the brush. In my experience the bigger brushes are usually a bit more dense. For me 22mm is the lowest I like to go. 24mm-30mm is fine for me.
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A Simpson Colonel or Berkeley is right in that sweet spot of ~$50-60 and both have great knot density and face-feel. I have a Colonel myself and doubt I will ever give it up, it's a brush that's very versatile.
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