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The revised ATT G1 GEM razor.


Well, the G1 head finally arrived yesterday and I mated it with a Timeless Plaid handle and used it this morning.

What bugs me.

The little hook thingie that holds it all together needs to be rethought. Small part, old age, dropsy and cats simply don't work well with little bitty parts.

What I liked.

Once all the pieces parts were together the razor was sturdy, pretty and stable. The shave was really surprising. This is the very first modern razor where it simply felt right from the moment I put it to my face. There was absolutely no learning curve. A two pass & touch very first shave resulted in a truly PDG shave that was as good as I get from the razors I have been using for over a half century.

I had tried the earlier version GEM razor from ATT but we just didn't fit. I could not get a really PDG shave no matter how many passes or what pre-shave prep I used. It looked far but felt foul. With this iteration though ATT seems to have gotten it right. I would say that today's shave may have been one of the best GEM format shaves I have ever had and one of the most pleasant shave from any blade format.


Great razor and great shave BUT...
is it so much better that the price can be justified? Probably not. Yet every once in a while I enjoy steak instead of brisket, real milkshakes instead of frozen custard. I consider this razor simply another simple pleasure.
is Great to know that the revised plate brought the results yoy like, as the original was ineffective and that has been the opinion of a lot of users. I do not own the ATT Gem, but chose instead to buy the SE-G and the Sabre which I have yet to use. I do have the ER 1912 Gem though for the last few days and I can safely say, my $30 went a very long way as far as shaving satisfaction is concerned. It's among the best shavers I own and produces the results I'm after in a razor. All this I have said to point out that a great Gem blade razor can be had for a fraction of what a modern one costs, although SS is another attraction and having said so, I'm a sucker for the new ones too.
Personally not in favor of any razor that has any small removable parts that can go down the drain or be dropped. The Supply SE Injector razor does and it sounds like the ATT Gem blade design does too. Just something to lose, making the razor useless.
I have the SP injector and I make sure I'm nowhere near a sink when I load a blade. For others who like to do it on top of the sink, be grateful there is an s shaped pipe.
I don't plan on ever buying a razor with
Small removable parts , IMHO it shows
A lack of Engineering / Design common
I agree. The design shows lack of common sense. You almost need an engineering degree to put it together.
I think it sucks.
Now that I've had 3 shaves with the G1, I really like it. It shaves close and smooth. I like the the shave it gives better than the 1912 or 1914. The grooves in the top cap help the razor just glide over your face with ease removing all your hair. The G1 is worth the money. It's a keeper for me.

ATT G1_Nivea.JPG
As has been pointed out elsewhere, you can put the hook into the handle once you've got the bottom plate in place, then just leave it partially unscrewed while you place the blade and cap. Once the cap's hooked, simply tighten the handle and you're in business.

The first few times I advise doing it over a folded washcloth on the counter.

I disassemble my razors after every shave, wash them and let them dry before putting them back together ready to use.

I find in this order works best for me:

1. Put the little threaded hook thru the base plate with the hook toward the front.

2. Then put the blade in place.

3. Then put the top piece on with the tapered end toward the front.

4. Then screw the handle on.
This razor reminds me of the OneBlade razor. Very smooth and easy to use. Only I like it much better than the OneBlade because it still requires some skill to use.

ATT G1_grooves.JPG