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The Red River Shootout

Yes they call it the Red River Showdown on TV, but they have to be politically correct. It will always be the Shootout to me.

This years game is weird, just like everything else in 2020. Oklahoma with two losses in the conference is not rated and Texas with one conference loss is only ranked 22. No national title implications are on the line, but it’s still a big game in the TexOkie household. My wife cheers for Texas, but she is really an LSU Tiger, yech!

May the best team win, and may Texas be the best team.

Hook ‘me!

It was a sorry game until about the 56 minute mark. Then both teams ratcheted it up to what I expected. Sad the Horns lost, but man what an overtime series!
"Hook em Horns" got "Snap em Off"! today. Texas used to be a good team. They are taking lessons from the Dallas Cowboys!
They both stink when they neither one should. They both seem to have forgotten that the foundation of a good offense is a good running game.
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