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The Razor System SE Razor First Use & Thoughts (Head Shave)

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hey people so used the razor with a gillette nacet blade on plate 6 with tabac shaving soap and no pre shave

why did i go straight for plate 6? tbh when i watched the vid of subie shaves using the razor he found plate 6 to be a nice efficient number to shave the whiskers off with

the shave was really good, brilliant if anything and effortless

i like that its very easy to use and can easily do short and long strokes,
the razor seems to holds a lot of lather, i know some people like that on razors but that doesnt really bother me tbh

the handle on the razor is really nice, got really good grip and wherever you hold the razor in your hand its comfortable

imho the se razor is defo better then both the leaf and twig razor but saying that the size of the handle reminds me of the leaf razor and the head of the se razor reminds me a bit of the twig due to it not having a pivoting head,
also the is an adjustable razor too, only thing i'd say is im not sure how the material of the razor will last time wise

on a side note im neutral when it comes to pivoting heads, dont really have a preference

i will be trying out the higher plates and will post what i think about those plates
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Did you get a test razor or something? I'm on the kickstarter and he's not even at fullfillment yet.

I wasn't interested originally until I heard it can use injector blades.
The creator has to keep fiddling with his hair during the shave in the kickstarter video, which annoys me. Why doesn't he tie his hair up?
And his rude shaving strokes, even repeatedly passing in all directions where there is no lather at all.

These performances make it difficult for people familiar with wet shaving to develop a sense of trust in him.
Maybe someone who wants to leave the cartridge is his main target.
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I have an original version and am a big fan at the 5 plate level. I have also signed up to the kickstarter for both injector and halved DE Blades. I prefer 7 O’clock Green As a DE but am yet to make up my injector mind. I am quite fond of the original version. It is in my rotation. A carefree DFS every time - even on my neck (problem area for me). I have found the owner to be very approachable and very keen to produce a durable addition to the shaving world.

I have a Twig and a Thorn (comparison review done by me here). I also have the three OneBlade versions, Focus 48, numerous GEMS and Evereadys. I am familiar with pivot and non-pivot heads. Completely different shaves but both types enjoyable in their own way.

I suppose all kickstarters have teething problems so the delay does not worry me. The price seems pretty reasonable to me for a new type of razor. Quite innovative. If you have the chance to get one and can afford another exhibition of your RAD, i think it is value for money.


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