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The Prince & the Pauper - Elusive Gillette Aristocrat

In my search to purchase my grail razor I have been watching eBay and also checking the BST obsessively. Each time I miss out on this beauty!

I was following an auction on eBay for what looked like a near mint condition 1934 Gillette Aristocrat. This included the original box, cloth for the box and 5 blades still in the wrapper. Even the case looked pristine! Wow what a true gem this razor is.

The bidding was fast and furious at the end and I was outbid. The final price $305!!!! Too rich for my blood. As i have seen the high dollar prices these have been going for i knew it would be costly. Even so i felt my high bid was higher than anything I have spent so far. Heck I could combine multiple razors/soaps i own and not equal the amount.

One day I will find one! I will be able to open that shiny gold case. Slowly look inside and see the bright beautiful razor nestled inside like a golden scepter. Waiting to be admired, waiting to give another lifetime of shaves.

Well I can dream anyway...... :)

I hope someone from B&B scored this amazing razor!

Anyway what is your grail razor that has slipped through your fingers?
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Good luck on your hunt, I had a few slip through my fingers too. I finally scored an other one just last week for $80. Now I have two. One is in the gold case, and the last one is in the black case. It took a long time, I searched for 6 months, bidding and losing, but dilligence finally paid off. Just don't give up, because when you least expect it it will happen. Again, good luck.
You can make one yours, just don't give up. I lost count of the number of D-1 Toggles that "got away" and then I guess finally the stars aligned just right.


Good hunting.....
I feel your pain. I've been after a nice one for a long time, and was planning to bid on this one as a Christmas present to myself but alas no shipping to Canada (the story of my life as of late).
I was very fortunate to receive a 1934 Aristocrat as a gift from an extremely generous member here. I look at it every single day. It sits on my nightstand with the lid open so I can see it. I have shaved with it 3 times now and it has given me a fantastic shave every time. Its so nice I hesitate to use it more often. Mine is Rhodium plated, but the case and blade bank are still their original gold. It feels so nice in the hand. I really do believe they are the pinnacle of Gillette design.

I wish you the best of luck in your search. The wait will be worth it.
I have had many, many razors get away. But I landed my grail: a British Gillette NEW Richwood. I love it, but I'm afraid to use it too often.

My white whale is an Ever Ready Streamline (or the identical GEM Jewel). They almost never pop up on eBay and when they do the price easily exceeds my meager RAD budget.
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