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The Person Below Me "Game"

August West

Moderator Emeritus
I have seen this on other forums and thought I would put some milk on the porch and see if the cats lick it up.

Here is how it works.

The poster makes a statement such as, "The person below me likes carrots."

The person below him/her responds with a True or False answer followed by a brief explanation.

Example: False. I prefer asparagus.

That poster continues the game with the statement, "The person below me...".

So on and so forth.

I will start.

The person below me(TPBM)prefers tallow in their shaving soaps.
False. I don't even own a badger brush.

TPBM is a baseball fan. (They don't have to be about shaving, do they?)
False: I've only been to 3 professional baseball games, one a no-hitter, and I don't watch it on TV.

TPBM is a fantasy football fan.
False, I gave up the evil weed years ago

TPBM is a regular in the Clown House

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False: I am anti-"special sauce."

TPBM: Thinks Tony should really change his name to Augie.
True: it fits in the space where my ear meets my head, when I head shave.

TPBM needs mouthwash for his/her bad breath.