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"The Perfect Gentleman" 1919, The Atlantic Monthly Press, Inc.


The Perfect Gentleman, by Ralph Bergengren

"Somewhere in the back of every man's mind there dwells a strange wistful desire to be thought a Perfect Gentleman. And this is much to his credit, for the Perfect Gentleman, as thus wistfully contemplated, is a high ideal of human behavior, although, in the narrower but honest admiration of many, he is also a Perfect ***. Thus, indeed, he comes down the centuries—a sort of Siamese Twins, each miraculously visible only to its own admirers; a worthy personage proceeding at one end of the connecting cartilage, and a popinjay prancing at the other."

A bit out of date, but does a gentleman really ever go out of style? Presented for historical interest and amusement.

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A very nice read...especially the chapters "Oh, Shining Shoes" and "Shaving Thoughts". There are some things, practices and/or traditions of being "The Perfect Gentleman" that never grow old ("Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days”. Doug Larson).

"A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out". George Bernard Shaw

I've read this before, it is great. Thanks for posting it again. I love this:

"the extraordinary-safety shaver, who buys each safety razor... and is never so happy as when about to try a new one. To a shaver of this class, cost is immaterial. ... He buys them secretly, lest his wife justly accuse him of extravagance"

Some things never change!
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