The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by syngent, Aug 28, 2013.

    I'm 3017ing a carton of Shark Superchrome blades with mine. Nice smooth combination. I expect I will be using it the rest of the year.
  1. Ive had mine for a few weeks now. I used the Dorcos it came with and they would cut up my face (more than my experience with my Weishi) ive used this combo ( withiut checking this thread for inspiration) and notice that it gives a nice close shave with no glaring nics.
  2. When I first started looking into D.E. razors for my own use, I ran out and bought the MTO at Walmart for retail.
    I still like it.
    This past weekend a discount shop had big cardboard Gaylord boxes filled with misc. crap, and some good stuff for $0.50 each...
    Ant there, under the rubble, a new shiny MTO with stand, blades (3 sets), and crushed box.
    Now I have 2, and a couple other Chinese Gillette copy razors. (My REAL Gillette razors get use on regular rotation, but the MTO is a cool copy.)
    Life is good. Carry on.
  3. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one, €6,00 including delivery from China to Spain - I think I got my money's worth
  4. I found the Microtouch at our local bargain market:


    Frankly, it looks kind of cheap. It's the first time I've seen a DE razor for sale in a long, long time.
  5. Nothing wrong with it except you can get the same thing for about $10 elsewhere. :thumbup:
  6. True. Just got a Razorock used just once by a little old lady on Sundays, for around $10.00, shipping included.
  7. Have had it for over two years now, using it exclusively - at least until the last few weeks. Never a problem with it, but I wanted to try something different. Was PIF'd a 67 black handle Super Speed by a member, then shortly after bought a birth year/qtr 58 Flare Tip Super Speed.

    Cleaned up the MTO after the Flare Tip arrived (there was a lot of gunk - used my 10:1 distilled water to ammonia solution I use to clean fountain pens on occasion and a toothbrush.) Nice and shiny. I don't think I had really cleaned it in the 27 months I have had it and haven't used the MTO since. I will probably rotate in occasionally, but it won't be my primary razor going forward. Maybe use it for a travel razor. Not that I travel much.

    Or maybe I PIF it to someone. I still have about 10 of the Dorco blades it came with. I used it with Edge Gel from 3/2014 to around September when I got my first brush and soap.
  8. sounds like my one..... it fell to bits the second it left the box. :)

    i hope yours is better!
  9. I bought one of these even after doing research on getting other stuff just as a spur of the moment thing because I seen it at Walgreens. I don't regret it even though I know I could have gotten a weishi for cheaper which is the same thing. I will say this them dorco blades were horrible. I put Astra SP blades in my MTO and it works pretty good for me so far.
  10. Still works, but.........
    I dropped it in the sink and the cap fell off the tip of the handle, but a blob of Blue-tack fixed it
    When I was cleaning the razor last week, one of the doors fell off, but after a bit of trial and error with the pliers, I got the doors working again, and better still, they don't rattle half as much still works
  11. I loaned mine to a friend with a brush and some cream. I'm not sure if I'll get any of it back ...
  12. good to hear it still works, mine was shaky the second i took it out of the box, one open of the tto and all hell broke loose, tried to tighten it back up before something escaped = razor fell into 5 or 6 pieces, bits of metal broke off the door clips. it wasnt pretty.

    my €12,95 starter set from amazon was 1000 times better :)
  13. Bed Bath and Beyond store is selling them for $9.99 plus tax. Not a bad deal.
  14. my brother-in-law bought one, didn't like it; however, he's used to the fusion and not into DE. maybe i'll steal it from him.

    there's always a plan B
  15. $14.50 at Walgreens this morning. Good razor to learn with/gift/use as a spare.
  16. That's the first safety razor I used. Not a great one, but I'd still be using cartridges if it wasn't for this. Gateway razor. Within a week I was ready to upgrade.
  17. Found one on sale at a Walgreens for about $4-5.99. Not sure why it was on clearance, the box was sealed, nothing missing. I'm not sure why, because there were other units at the regular price ... but I grabbed it. First impressions, it looks nice, works smoothly. BUT. Unlike other DE handles I've used, it didn't seem to flex the blade downwards, so it was much harsher on my face than other DE handle/blades. I tried slipping a shim made from an old credit card under the center to force the blade upwards, and noted some improvement, but not much. I was, however, surprised at the the blades,(Dorco), they seemed better than I expected, using them in my other handle. The stand is - fair. It looks crude when you examine it carefully. I would have rounded off the ends, but for what I paid, it's ok.
  18. Try using a steeper angle, that is, move the handle more perpendicular to you face by a few degrees. It's a pretty mild and friendly razor, it shouldn't feel harsh at all.
  19. I got mine on black friday if this year. Same story with me. A little more dramatic cuz my family was totally against me switching. My mom pitched a fit. Dad said I'd hate it. My sister thought I'd pitch a fit. My best friend dusting encouraged me. Now I'm getting him a complete kit for his birthday cuz he's impressed with the shaves I'm getting. He won't get a micro touch 1 though, maybe a weishi, or a cheap razorock. He needs a MILD razor.

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