The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

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    Walmart has them and some stores have a "As seen on TV" section where they are available.
  1. When I started back into shaving with a DE I never seen this commercial (stopped watching the show as well years ago). I did however run across it in a Target. So I unboxed it to see what it was and how it felt. I thought the razor itself seemed to be made decently made but the handle was too short for me.
  2. I just got one for Christmas. My first safety razor. I chopped my head to pieces! Hopefully I just need different blades than the ones that come with it. Maybe an angle issue?
  3. Perhaps more than angle, maybe pressure? It is a very mild razor, and I think a little pressure is needed, but I certainly can not cut myself with it.
  4. Or maybe it's damaged / defective? I agree that it's a very mild razor. You shouldn't be able to cut yourself very easily.

    Have you watched how-to videos? Here is one. Also anything by mantic59.
  5. I bought one just to try, didn't like it but maybe because I'm used to my fat boy! Also the blades it came with didn't work for me.
  6. I bought one just to try. 20 dollars, why not right? Its ok. I think its one of those things that if you like it you'll move up. If you don't, you'll go back to cartridge or ect... Its not as aggressive as even a 23c. But my dad uses it now and he likes it. He used throw away types, but not anymore. I've always been a DE guy myself. I got it from my great grandpa. But so far in my opinion, its something that will help the revival in the end.
  7. I just bought this. It arrived yesterday. Still in the box. Can't wait to try my first time using a DE.

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  8. Hope you like it. I have other razors but still really like this razor.
  9. The MicroTouch was my first DE razor and I still use it when I want a mild shave. I like to use it with Derby Extra blades and Proraso Red soap.
  10. A local Walmart closed these out and now is stocked with VDH products instead.
  11. I continue to get great shaves from this razor. I have a SuperSpeed as my primary razor, but every time I break out this razor I get an outstanding and comfortable shave.
  12. Hello everybody I am a longtime lurker but I just started an account so i can post! I just picked this up yesterday at my local CVS. The first shave was pretty smooth with no nicks. It doesn't seem like this razor is aggressive at all. for a little background I've been using shave soaps with a brush and a mug for the past 3 years now but i never made the jump to a DE from my mach 3 until a client of mine started talking to me about shaving. He convinced me to make the jump so here I am. I am looking forward to going down this rabbit hole now!

  13. Welcome in, enjoy the ride! :thumbup1:
  14. Hello everyone. I'm new to the wet shaving and this site. I picked up one of the MTO razors and the Van Der Hagen shave soap kits. The worst part of the MTO was the Dorco blades in my opinion. I found some Gillette platinum plus blades at Walgreens that worked much better for me.
  15. Hey. Same here. I don't mind the razor but he blades aren't the best. I like the Gillette Platinum plus, too. Easy to get without ordering online and I have found them at both Walgreens and some Publix stores. The Van der Hagan shave butter is pretty good. Personnally I like Cremo and a caffeinated one you can get at Target by Pacific Shave company. I might find a different bowl (I got the kit with the deep apothecary one) since it's a little hard to work in for me. Thought about the kit with the palm bowl just for the bowl but I don't need the brush and cream works better. I just go with either my palm or directly on my face. I've been having fun just trying different scents and razors. Welcome to the site.
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  16. The Van der Hagan razor seems to be the same to me. But I don't like the blades they give you with it.
  17. I don't mind the MTO razor and a t does great with the Gillette blades. I just ordered another shave set from Stirling Soap and several blades. I was going to buy soap samples, blades, and a new brush, but it was a better deal to get the Basic kit. I just wish the Gillette were a little cheaper.
  18. Go to they have a huge selection, great prices, and fast shipping. You can buy single blades, or your favorites in bulk. You can also try west coast shave. They also have a nice selection.
  19. I've got an MTO and a Weshi that are indistinguishable. So frankly I don't know which one is which any more.

    But I've been using one of them exclusively for about five months.

    It's a damn fine razor.

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