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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Funkhauser, Dec 16, 2016.

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  2. Another Youtube video was uploaded yesterday. Notable international shaving figure, Kevy Shaves, was sent a Parker Variant by Super Safety Razors. The video has the unboxing and the presentation and he takes a shave with it.

    Link to video as B&B doesn't allow the screen enlarge embedding code:
    In case some are not used to doing it, use the menu wheel option to change the video to 720p for best clarity.

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  3. After several weeks with the razor and I can unequivocally state that this is the best Double Edge razor in my rotation. Flawless BBS shaves with Crystal, Feather, Polsilver and Shark blades. I have the razor set fairly mildly at 1.5 and the shaves are irritation free, no weepers and close. No need for me to even turn it up higher. As good as it gets!
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    Congrats amigo. It is a fine razor! :thumbup1:
  5. Nice review. That was exactly what I was looking for in a review of this new razor!
  6. How would the variant fare for someone with a course beard? My go to is an ikon tech! I am attracted to the variant for some odd reason...
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    Just fine. Read some of the posts here. Plenty of course hair gents here... Besides, I use a Wade and Butcher Straight Wedge on occasion. When I don't use it, the Variant fits the bill nicely. You should have no problem with it.....
  8. How would you describe your beard? I should think if you're using the Vision or the Variant with Crystals, Feathers and Sharks, you must have a thick beard. Those are some sharp blades, although setting 1.5 on the Variant is a low setting.
    How would you compare 1.5 on the Variant to a setting on the Progress? I'm guessing a 1.5 on the Variant would be less than 1 on the Vision or the Futur.

    Regarding the Progress, I know too well the problems of it. I gave up after returning 2 and kept the 3rd after a sizeable discount offer. I have the long handled Progress with the new top cap mold and even when lined up properly, the blade exposure is different on each side. The top cap seems slightly crooked even when trying to straighten it out during tightening. Therefore, from a top view, it looks like my blade is at a slight slant where there's a few mm difference from top to bottom. I still get decent shaves from it, but gee whiz! Where's the quality control out of the plant? I returned the first 2 because there were nicks and scratches on the razor. One more thing. My Progress is calibrated to start at setting #5. In other words, my setting #5 is where it stops when tightened and is everyone else's setting #1. When I want setting #3, I move it to #2. If I want setting #4, I twist the knob to setting #3 and so forth.

    The Progress allows for two turns so you can probably actually have 10 or 11 settings before the top cap loosens. Can you do the same with the Variant?
  9. Yes. I was just goofing with my Variant and going around up to 4, which would be 9 allows for the top cap to be tight enough to not shift.

    As always, your Variant may vary.
  10. drool. I guess I'll get one in a year!!
  11. I guess drooling doesn't pay what it used to. :tongue_sm
  12. Unless some kind soul wants to buy me one :)
  13. I tested the one I bought for you to make sure it was good enough and selfishly kept it for myself. I have no self control. Sorry brother.
  14. Tried one for the first time today. Wow! I used it on the 1 (mildest) setting and it was more efficient than my Fatboy on 5. Yes. I said it.
  15. :crying:
  16. Does anyone know how this razor would compare, against, say, a B&R Adjustable razor?
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    That would be interesting. Bullgooseshaving has them in stock, and I have been debating on dropping down the greenbacks for the Barbaros & Rocnel s/s adjustable. $299.99 is something that I'm debating in parting with especially when I feel that the Variant is as good or better a razor as any other adjustable I have owned. I'm seriously contemplating acquiring one though. You know, just for enlightenment and experimental purposes for the good of shavingkind.....:thumbup1:
  18. Well tell me what you think! I just hope the variant is still available come 2018.

  19. Just a heads-up to anyone who is getting this or has the black Variant, this morning I saw what I thought was a piece of dirt in the grooves so I went to scrape it off with my thumbnail and the black coating started peeling right off.

    I've emailed the folks at Super Safety Razors where I bought it and I expect they'll take care of things, but I wanted to let the crowd know about the issue. Hopefully it's just a bad batch of anodizing, but there is no way this coating should be coming off this easily after only 5 weeks (received on December 31) of use.


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