The Parker Variant is Available!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Funkhauser, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. I just received and email that the Parker Variant is available! And, yes, I ordered one!!!
  2. Tell us whether it is free of the problems Progress had.
  3. Where is it available?
  4. matwho

    matwho Steward Contributor

    Super safety razors .com
  6. Ok thanks. Will check it out.
  7. GlazedBoker

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    Same here. Posted a new thread also on this razor. Didn't see this one over the excitement! Cheers amigo. Got mine too....:thumbup1:
  8. I am excited about this razor. I have been a Progress fan for the last few years and have both the Progress and the Progress XL. I have always thought that if I could change one thing about the progress, I would make the handle knurled. Looks like parker did that and one better, by making the handle out of brass!

    Happy shaving!

  9. Highspeedlane

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    Really looking forward to the reviews on this one.
  10. Just ordered mine in silver along with some Astra SP and Feather blades
  11. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Absolutely. Couldn't agree with you more..... The knurling and brass construction should put it over my beloved Progress. I see a Razor vs Razor in the future...
  12. The Variant is a really attractive razor as well. I considered the Progress a while back when I really wanted an adjustable but that big plastic nub and the smooth handle turned me away. Adjustable razors are amazing and the world needs more of them, so I'm glad that Parker decided to release this.
  13. I received my Variant yesterday and shaved with it this morning. It has officially replaced my beloved Progress XL as my favorite razor.


    The razor came in a box with a free box of 5 Shark Blades. Parker appears to be using new updated packaging materials.


    This razor is awesome looking. The razor is heavy and has a thick, knurled handle. The knurling is not as deep as the knurling on stainless steel handles, but provides enough of a non-slip platform. The knob on the bottom is wider that the handle portion and had deeper knurling. The knurling on the handle is closer to that of the Merkur 34C. Going back to the knob, It provided the perfect place to rest my pinky finger, and to hold when performing a south-to-north pass on my neck.

    The razor is longer than the Progress, but shorter than the Progress XL. I found the razor to be perfectly calibrated. In addition, the alignment notches on the top cap and base plate are grooved deeper than the same on the Progress. In fact, you can feel the notch on the top cap with a fingernail. I found this of great benefit because I need my reading glasses to find that little notch on the progress, especially if I decide to change a blade mid shave and the razor has lather on it!

    The finish is excellent.


    I loaded the Variant with an Astra SP and performed a three pass shave. The acoustics were excellent and seemed louder that the Progress. I set the Variant at 3, and it easily glided on my well lathered face. I face lathered Barrister and Mann lavender Latha using a Plisoft synthetic shaving brush. This razor is perfectly balanced, requiring only the weight of the razor to reduce your beard. I am not sure whether it is the finish of the razor or the weight, but it seems to glide on the skin more efficiently than the Progress XL.

    A splash of Tabac After shave lotion and quick dab of CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion Am, and I was loving the results.

    For me, the Variant has unseated my beloved Progress XL as the king of the jungle!!! I would do a razor v. razor, though one shave in and I see a clear winner here. For the money, It is hard to beat this Brass handled, adjustable, heavy safety razor!

    Can there be a black handled Variant in the future for me...well...there is always Father's Day!
  14. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Excellent review. Glad you enjoyed your shave. I received mine on Monday and did a quick test on it with barely a days worth of stubble, so the shave was quick, but very smooth and close. I'm giving it another go tomorrow morning with 3 days worth of hair growth to really give it a go. But, I think you might be right, this thing looks like it's going to be a worthy successor and dethrone my Progress...
  15. Thank you GlazedBoker. I will be looking forward to your thoughts on this!
  16. This is very exciting! Great reviews!
  17. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    OK. First real full shave with this fine tool from Parker. Just plain excellent. But first:
    Quality: The look, fit and feel is just fabulous. The knurling on the handle is spot on. Not overly done, but exactly what is needed to keep it from slipping in your hands, regardless if your elbows deep into your favorite soap. Small hands, big hands should be no problem. If it falls, it's because you dropped it. Finish is really nice with a semi gunmetal matte finish. The head, blade and bottom plate match up and align themselves perfectly. Just make sure the alignment markings are on the same side.
    The Shave:
    Here's the set up. WSP Formula T Tobacco, UrbanXY pre-shave oil
    Kai blade, Semogue 1305 boar, and the Variant set at #4.
    First pass= WTG. Excellent whisker slicer. And with this Kai blade, it's an awesome combo. Smooth, effortless with great razor feedback on 3 day hair growth. The razor, blade, and the soap combination was so effortless, I had to look a few times to make sure it was on the correct setting and the blade was still there. First pass was done and honestly I felt I had done 2 passes. Yes, that smooth.
    Second pass= ATG. This was basically a thorough touch up and buff. The first pass was that efficient. And I must say, the new Kai blade is super sharp, but smooth. I'd say as sharp as the Feather, but smoother and it just floated on my face.

    All I all, a wonderful shave. The razor is beautiful, has the perfect weight and balance in your hand. Finish is superb, the adjustment knob was spot on every time. 1 was 1, 3 was 3 and so forth. Precise, plain and simple. I love my Progress, but it is not as precise as the Variant or as beautiful. And with the Progress you have to hold the head and blade to make sure the it aligns properly to the base plate. And yes both alignment markings are lined up, but at times it can be off just a smidgen. Not on the Variant, I removed and reinstalled the head and blade at least a dozen times and it lined up perfectly with even blade exposure and gap on both sides.
    Bottom line is this, it provided as good and close a shave as my Vision. And that's saying a lot. Because for me, the Merkur Vision is my gold standard on adjustable DE'S. The Parker Variant is right there on par with it. It's the real deal gents, and for under $60 it's a true bargain. Get one while you can..... :thumbup1:
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  18. emwolf

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    I've had three days now with my variant using a Gillette Platinum blade. I think it's more aggressive than the Progress, better weight and better handle, plus the adjustment knob isn't as easily moved (which is good). I started lowest settings and kept bumping it up each successive day. The wider open the better the shave.
  19. It would seem by all the positive comments on the Variant, there should be a bunch of Progress's being listed in the BST in the very near future... Can't disagree, it's a damn sexy razor though.
  20. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    +1 Agree 100%.

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