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The Parker 22R Interceptor.

As much as I love my 39c Sledgehammer I keep getting drawn to the Parker 22R as I think it looks really smart in its gunmetal finish and textured handle. I have also noted its a TTO razor but I am unsure how well it holds the blade compared to a screw cap two piece razor.

Is the 22R worth getting as a secondary razor for travelling? Does it shave as good as the Sledgehammer?

The interceptor is definitely a looker, however it will shave aggressive. The twist and turn action can get sloppy after a lot of use. But for the price it is a good razor to have especially considering it is all brass.

Beware however that Parker QC is hit or miss. Don't be surprised if you get a copy with uneven blade gaps on both sides.
I would consider the 87R if you are thinking about buying a Parker. Unless you dislike shorter handles. It's about the size of a Merkur 34C which I love!
I have a Parker 91R as my daily driver. I love it, with the right blade for me(German Wilkies). Long handle, heavy weight(no pressure needed), mid aggressive, great blade feel, no problems with blade alignment, which I check anyway. Holds the blade well. Don't want to get stupid when tightening the cap-snug is good. You can snap off the screw if you get crazy with them. Same as with a TTO razor(I have a VDH), turn it too tight, you might not get it open, or you bend something that makes it work. I plan on using this razor for quite a few years. I am 65 now, and would like to shave with it when I am 85...
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