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The Palmolive way


Girls call me Makaluod
This morning I tried this with Cussons Imperial Leather bath soap. That worked much better than Pears transparent. Still not a great improvement in slickness but the improvement was there.

One day I will buy a cake of Palmolive bath soap and try it with that. For now, I will stick with just my Palmolive Regular cream (Italy).
I have Glyce Lime pre-shave soap that I frequently. Leisure Guy suggests soaping up and then splashing it off but leaving a bit of residual left over. I might try and just lather my shave soap over the top without the rinse.

It, like the Pears, has glycerin for the added slickness.
I've heard of and tried this before. It definitely has a major effect, but for me personally, it was counterproductive and lead to irritation. Probably stripping too much oil from my skin. I would do it if shaving off a long beard though.

These days I wet my face with cold water for 5 minutes before shaving*. I do occasionally wash my face with bar soap once and leave it on. It's a good compromise for me.

* I've forgotten who suggested brushing teeth with a wet face to ensure the beard has time to soften, but thank you, that advice has served me well. Was this part of the Palmolive advice? Or maybe it was a Gillette leaflet?
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