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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Jonas, Jun 12, 2019.

    Hey guys, Ive finally got my hands on a .68 Game Changer with the barber pole handle. I initially missed out on the last .68 available in Australia by literally a day & settled on the .84 which has been serving me very well but is a tad aggressive for everyday use. I dont want to get carried away to early & say that this might be "the one" but man am I impressed with this razor. I now have 3 Razorock razors & prefer them hands down to any of my others. They might not be on the same quality level as my Timeless razors etc but I find myself reaching for the Razorocks a lot more regularly than anything else. What a fantastic company..hopefully Razorock keeps the .68 in production for years to come.
  1. The GC 68 is my favorite razor BY FAR. I reach for the others in certain situations, but none gives me a more care free BBS than the GC68. It is a magnificent tool. Is a Wolfman better? Maybe. But at least to me, I am not willing to spend hundreds extra to find out at this time.
  2. Congratulations!! The key IMO is to find what makes you happy!! :a29:
  3. Also a daily GC.68 user here! Definitely the smoothest, most care free (and my favorite) shaver in my small den. Worth much more than the pocket change we shelled out for it!
  4. Agreed .68 is much better plate for me over .84

    Its a shame they do not make the .68 plate anymore. It was the better plate gap for everyday shavers!

    They need to bring out a .72. :)
  5. Yes, or a .76 to split the difference between .68 and .84. It's hard to find any fault with the GC, but for me there is a very big difference in blade exposure and aggressiveness between the two plates.
  6. Honestly I couldn’t figure either the 68 or the 84 out , and found the My Muhle to be easier , so I stuck with that , but my Mamba 70 is by far my favorite. The fact that people spend several hundred on a razor is wild to me and unnecessary.
  7. Yep I agree, the .68 is great and my daily ride most days. The .84 is too much for me daily but great Sunday mornings on 2 days growth. I am rally looking forward to the OC that should be coming out soon.

  8. One man's frugal is another's wild and unnecessary. As someone said upstream, the key is finding what makes you happy. Your happiness may set you back $1, or $20, or $100, or $500. Whatever...enjoy your shaves, right? And try to be first to the mailbox. :)
  9. Funny how different things are for everyone. I have a .84 and actually found it a bit mild. Might even end up selling it. A 1.05 version sounds just about right.l
  10. That barber pole handle is awesome isn't it? I have one on my Mamba.
  11. I would so like to concur, but for just one pic...
  12. It is such a great razor. The .84 has been my daily since it was released.
  13. Congratulations! I think my ONE razor might be the vintage Wilkinson Sticky razor!



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