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The One Blade that turns your razor into a super star

Throughout my years of wet shaving, I have had a love/hate relationship with Feather blades.

I just could not find the right razor to make them work well. Recently I discovered pairing with

my red tip the best qualities of the blade shine.

I'm getting the best shaves with this pairing.

What razor/blade pairing turns your razor into a super performer?
Nacets seem to work in any razor I've tried them in so far. I tried a GSB last week and was really liking how it worked in my Ming Shi 2000s. So... I ordered a hundred to keep around. For my money though, Nacets are hard to beat.


The Personna Medical Prep blade is the one blade that makes every DE razor in my arsenal perform.
I know you said "the one blade" but I'm a little tipsy so will choose a bit of creative license...

The BIC Chrome/Platinum, Wilkinson Classic (German) or Polsilver never fails to impress. For that matter neither has the Perma-Sharp. All both perform well and are surprisingly forgiving.
Feather is the very best blade with every razor I've tried it in.

Some other blades come very close when paired with specific razors (like Astra SP blades in a Timeless razor or 7 O'Clock Yellow blades in an ATT) but I always find Feather to be to the one I'm comparing everything else to.


I don't think there is one blade that works with every razor for me. A new razor means that I need to go through my blade stash to establish what works best with that razor.

That said, I have pretty much established my top-tier of blades: GSB, Nacet, Astra SP, Personna reds and Personna labs. These work well with most of the mild/moderate razors that I prefer.
I'd say you've found the razor that turned your blade into a super star, not the other way around. Blades are blades. The razor makes all the difference.
I agree. The razor and technique are the most important components to a great shave. I have tons of blades, and while their performance varies somewhat, they are all sharp and I can work with any of them if I know what I am doing and the razor is sound.
I used to swear by Derby paired with my 1929 New but got a bad batch of blades. I still prefer the open com's aggressiveness but l had to learn to use Feathers in a gingerly manner.


Do you consider these two razors to be
Simuler in shaving characteristics or in
Their level of aggression and efficiency?
Pretty much.

Note that the R41 was redesigned in 2013, making it milder than the original 2011. I have no experience with the earlier version so I can't comment on it. Similarly, the Fendrihan Mk. I was quite aggressive, and was redesigned to the Mk. II for a mildER shave, although still not nearly as mild as an R89.

Since my Maggard Black Friday purchase of the 2013 R41 head, I've been rotating through the Muhle 2013 R41, Maggard V3A, Fendrihan Mk. I & Mk. II heads with a variety of blades (Derby Extra, Feather, Personna Lab Blue, Bially Super Blue, Ladas Super Stainless & Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless), using mostly Dr. Jon's Anne Bonney & Williams Mug applied with Semogue SOC Boar, Omega 50014 Travel Boar & Maggard 2-Band Badger brushes.

On MY face & neck, the Mk. I was by far the most aggressive, followed by the Mk. II & R41 (dead heat) and the V3A close behind those two. For efficiency, the order has been the Mk. I but not by as wide a margin as in the aggressiveness, followed by the R41 by a whisker, and with the Mk.II & V3A in hot pursuit.

Basically, I feel that anyone that likes either the R41 or the Mk. II will also like the other.
7OC greens in my Slim and Nacet in my SS, Merkur 34C and my other Gillette razors. These two for me have been stellar performers for me.
My Wolfman razor is the superstar. For me, it works well with PolSilver SI, Med Prep and a handful of other blades in a similar vein.
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