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The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread

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In case anyone is interested in another stain besides Fiebings Leather Dye. It's called Antique Wood Stain from Laurel Mountain Forge. I've used it on a Pennsylvania long rifle I made years ago and came across it as I was looking for something to stain the rim of the Pipe bowl I had sanded down. It's alcohol based and renders a very transparent stain.

Sounds good, thanks for sharing.
A plateau top chubby Pot in the worx, this one has some nice grain so it will be smooth finish if all goes according to plan...
Completed today, a chubby plateau top brown contrast Pot with nickel shank cap and fancy brindle Acrylic stem...
$P1120509.jpg $P1120510.jpg
$P1120511.jpg $P1120513.jpg
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This should be renamed Aaron's excellent pipe making thread. Re the stamps I'd guess if you can get anything Pre stamp it may be worth the big bucks one day huh? :)
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