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The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread


It's finally here. What is finally here you ask? Time to get off our duffs and carve a pipe! It's been bandied about for a few months and we've all come to a decision (read: I decided to make this thread :biggrin1:)

There aren't any rules per se...but some general guidelines

1. Go out in person or look online for a pipe kit that you like and buy it. No restrictions...only bounded by what you like and what your wallet can afford. This includes material...briar, meerschaum, olive, strawberry..even morta (of course, you'd probably need to own a bog first), whatever you like is good to use!

***If you want to get a kit at an insanely good deal, check out this thread. The really great deal is over 1/31/14, but there is still a slight discount available after that***

2. Carve it. Power tools are acceptable...hand tools would be preferred for it to be more challenging and rewarding. Also, there is no limit, you may carve more than 1 pipe if you choose.

3. Post progress reports/pictures/advice/requests for help here as often as you want.

4. The deadline for completion will be August 15th. This gives everyone over a month to procure a kit and then 6 solid months to carve.

5. After August 15th, we will all come to a consensus about which pipe(s) is/are the best and the winner(s) can have bragging rights! If we decide to offer gifts/prizes/rewards, we can agree to that at a later date.

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What's the over/under on someone losing a thumb? With that said, I'm in!
Since I have already made several briar pipes I plan on using a meerschaum kit, I have never worked with meerschaum and I have a feeling that it will be a bit more challenging, I have a bent kit on hand and a straight kit is on it way to me, if it doesn't work for the competition that's cool too...
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Aaron, I see that we are to go and buy a pipe kit you like and buy it. I see nothing specifying briar. I am not in charge here, but I will cast my vote for allowing meerschaum.

I have been thinking that I want a pipe that reminds me of Jennifer Lopez- a little on the short side with a big bottom. Sorry, ,I have a weakness for Latinas in general, and Puerto Ricans in particular.
Great, Blade Boy is playing. Why don't we just send mycarver a PM and end this thing on the first day.:laugh:

Just Kidding, can't wait to see what you chaps come up with.
I have been talking to Steve at VT Freehand, who has offered a "group buy" for us. This will not be a conventional group buy, but more of a group discount. It will be for his medium ebauchon kits with some stem options as well. This is not the mandatory kit for the project, but will be a good option for those looking for a great deal on a randomly-selected, quality kit. I received the kits I ordered from him last week, and they look great. I'll be posting up all the pricing and ordering details very soon. Sweet!!
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