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The newer Nivea aftershave balms not as good as the old ones?

I didn’t know anything about parabens, so I had to look it up. Doesn’t sound like I want to use my Mexican-made Nivea AS balm anymore.

That sounds scary!
Let me take off some of your concern. According to
it can be concluded that "Finding a measurable amount of parabens in urine does not imply that they cause an adverse health effect". In other words, unlike insoluble / inert preservatives, you excrete parabens and if you don't consume them regularly your body can get rid of it. That being said, it does increase the risk for some diseases, which is not to say there is conclusive evidence it causes such diseases. Like most substances, there are toxic levels determined by trials*. In the EU, there are maximum daily intake levels considered safe, by which also Nivea must abide, so don't freak out.

* such as EU-ToxRisk - Parabens - https://www.eu-toxrisk.eu/page/media_items/parabens84.php
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