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The new RazoRock La Famiglia aftershave balms

I ordered one of each, and just used the Zi' Peppino (green tabacco) balm today along with the soap.

The balm isn't greasy, and is a bit on the thin side (maybe closer to the Harris Milk product from what I've heard.) It's pretty effective and the scent doesn't seem to linger so this is "cologne friendly."

The scent on the Peppino is reminiscent of Alt Innsbruck. That's not to say that they smell identical, but it's in the same general scent range.
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i completely agree with your observations. the balms feel like the Harris ASB. they go on pretty thin. the don marco has lingered a little longer than I'd like, but it's not strong unless you take a big whiff as I have to in order to pick it up off my hands. Definitely cologne friendly.

i liked the peppino scent the most. i couldn't figure out what it smelled like to me at first but as some have mentioned the alt-innsbruck, i'm remembering my sample of it and agree. these ASB's are very nice. I also picked up the R-160 and smells just like P160. I'm a happy camper.
I received the Don Marco and R-160 ASBs today. Love the Don Marco. It definitely has more staying power than the R-160. Not sure how I feel about the R-160 and the Peppino is really starting to sound intriguing.
Used the R-160 tonight it smells great. Doesn't have alot of staying power but left my oily skin feeling great.
how does the consistency of these compare with the Proraso original aftershave lotion? i LOVE the consistency of it but i'm not familiar with the DR Harris milk to compare.
Its only been one use but here's my intial thoughts. Tried the Don Marco ASB a couple of nights ago and enjoyed it. Goes on nice and thin, don't recall any tackiness. Didn't find myself having to wet the skin to spread it like I do with other balms. Really like the way it makes the skin feel. Soft, smooth and not greasy at all. I don't remember Joseph mentioning the menthol content prior to the release, so it was a nice surprise. Definitely noticeable but not overbearing. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Zi' Peppino ASB. I'm really diggin the scent in the soap and though lighter in scent I prefer it to the Don Marco. Living in the desert where its dry pretty much year round I can see myself putting the balm to good use. The price point makes it difficult to even consider other ASBs.
The Bergamot Neroli does have more staying power than the Tabacco Verde. I didn't expect a citrus scent to linger for this long.
I want to kick myself. I hesitated grabbing the AS balms and soaps and the day I decide to pull the trigger is the day they all go back up to regular prices... which are still excellent value for money, some of the best in our little world.
I don't make myself crazy about parabens, but it was a bit of a head scratcher to see them 4 times in the ingredient list.
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