The new EUR 350 synthetics

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    I think thats called a protein shake!!
  1. Some enterprising person could use 3D printing and create handles like that for minimal cost, I suppose.

    Of course, the more you pay, the more it is worth.
  2. I’ll wait for you guys to review it first!! :a47::a47::a47::a47:
  3. In deed. In his video he also explains some curious details for just a "common" customer. Like that all brushes are perfect, because they are individually inspected at the end and any brush less than perfect gets tossed into the garbage bin and only the perfect ones are sold. How can you know such a details if you are just "another common customer" (of a brush without shop)?

    But, i see you are yet another low cultured peasant who can't see the exquisite ergonomy and beauty.

    3D is not artisan, sir! It would be as if an industry mass produced MdC! It wouldn't worth EUR 60. This is the supreme synthetic. The price is testimony!

    As one fan of Gary Cooper to another, i urge you sir, as well as the other Americans of the forum, especially those who vote "the sky is the limit" when it comes to purchases, to support the italian economy and buy finally a premium synthetic! You get what you pay for. You can't really expect something cheap as a Chubby or a Muhle to be on par with this brush, can you?

    It is time to stop being cheapskates and start buying quality synthetic brushes! If not the Americans, then who!

    Think about it! It's a brush, it's a work of art and... IT FLOATS on water, while being impermeable to water too (the perfect summer gift to your grandchild maybe?). Other children may have inflatable toys at sea, your grandchild will have an unsinkable wooden boat!
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    I was thinking more like those toothpaste looking tubes with food used on space missions. But protein shakes have to be worse than those!
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    But he used the humble RasoZero to review the brush. Clever...
  6. Probably, because as i just checked, his soap is currently "out of stock" in said shop. Sales go well! Production can't keep up with demand! :001_302:
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    It's the same soap base as any other Extrò Cosmesi, just with different scent and label. But I forget that scents and packaging are very important to shavers these days.
  8. Not to mention the added value and personal prestige, from using the shave soap, that has the name, face and seal of approval of a wetshaving celebrity! Surely, this distinguishes it from other Extrò Cosmesi soaps! :001_302:
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    But you also have to use it like the celebrity M*D*L. Thick paste, stucco method.
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    next month Yaqi , same brush 17 different colors of lucite & wood $ 22.50 + shipping
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    The full brand name is "Cesare Battista Humidors". The artisan makes high-end humidors and cigar accessories, and now shaving brushes.


    The handles are growing on me! MDL's approval also matters to me more than any other review or common sense.
  12. Crazy price, very cool brush. I'm not a big fan of a lot of new artisan or yaqi handles (but artisans handles some look fantastic).

    Love the look of these, i'm sure very interesting to get used to compared to the average "cylinder"ish handle.

    I'm guessing if you are a demographic of his for the cigar stands and humidors, this brush price aint a thing.
  13. You guys are just inapt in appreciating a true sculpture work. I totally get the ideology and concept behind this brush. I am sure I am going to buy this brush and have a lathering nirvana. The youtube guy is totally killing it, I am with him.

    I really hope this brush maker do something for my actual shaving experience as well. Wolfman razors are just too mediocre and passé anyways.

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  15. His plaster (stucco) lather, i suspect contributed enormously into becoming a celebrity, because 1) Nobody else did it, 2) He used it to make his patented review method, where he can review a soap and evaluate its qualities, without actually shaving. The plaster lather is paramount to the success of this review method, since it ensures repeatability of results. Maybe i don't understand the logic behind it, but he is the celebrity, not me...

    Now this would be extremely funny!

    The price is not crazy, sir! Think if you could go back in time, when the first Chubby 3 brush was made. Wouldn't you buy it? A first of its kind? Yes you would. You are witnessing, the revolution of the shaving handles as we knew it. And unlike Chubbies, where, nowdays they are everywhere and once you 've seen one, you 've seen them all, these brushes are unique, each one of them. Imagine a Chubby 3 that nobody else in the world has.

    And they are eternal too. Which is more than you can say about Chubby or yourself!

    May i entice you with the entry level of the family? Only EUR 299! You can't expect to go any lower than that! It's like giving it away at that price! And yes, of course, it has already 5 star review, which i am glad to translate: "I have had the fortune to meet in person the artisan and see him work. Incredible his knowledge of materials and the wisdrom with which he uses the manual tools".


    You are looking at Martin de Candre of synthetic brushes, but as always, you can't appreciate it, until you pay for it!
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    This guy does it right.

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  18. This guy really gets it.
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    Sex sells, but not as much as *MDL*

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