The new EUR 350 synthetics

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    So, wetshavers thought Chubby synthetic was expensive? Well, here are the new "Cesare Battista" synthetics with artisan wooden handles:

    A real bargain at a mere EUR 349!




    This goes for EUR 399:


    They are sold in an italian shop (Goodfellas). Quoting the known forum motto "you get what you pay for", i expect that these will be the absolutely best synthetics by a long shot and with the most ergonomic handles ever! Don't let the beautiful shapes that remind Picasso fool you! These HAVE to be the best handles and brushes ever! Dear American friends, drop your cheap Chubby synthetics and support the italian economy! :001_302:

    Bonus: If some of you gentlemen miss a finger or two, do not worry, the ergonomy of the handles is so carefully studied that it makes no difference how many fingers you have! :lol1:

    And remember! You don't buy just the best brush in the world (price never lies). You also buy a wooden sculpture to decorate your living room when you are not shaving. Your wife will thank you! :lol:
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  1. naughtilus

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    The future is here.
  2. Aaah! You are a low cultured peasant too, like me! I hoped i would avoid it, but i see there is no other way than to translate the italian text:

    "The density of this brush is maximum. If you don't believe it, try to make it float, obviously if you can!

    A handle which is ergonomic, entirely made by hand by a true wood artisan, that leaves nothing to chance, other than the veins of the noble wood, that he chooses and assembles with an alchemy that only long experience can give!

    The artisan has chosen a high quality synthetic knot, as always going in the opposite direction with obstinancy, in order to obtain a very technical and practically eternal brush.

    What one sees cannot be fully grasped without reading the subsequent description, that explains the long work, that silently forges every single piece, the true added value: TIME.

    Every brush is unique, since it's made by artisan method."

    And now where the issue becomes technical and my tiredness increases, i call out the help of "google translate", because my technical english is severy inadeguate to write it on my own:

    "Once the suitable wood is found, it is cut to the extent that the craftsman chooses, applying a back to further embellish the piece.
    The exclusively manual processing takes place with chisels and sandpaper of various grains, after the first sanding that takes place with completely hand-decreasing grits, then the wood is stabilized using an exclusive process that eliminates the already minimal air particles inside the noble woods, replacing them with reticulated polymers that make the woods completely waterproof and durable over time, being no longer subject to rotting, so much so that the artisan gives a lifetime guarantee on this type of event.
    We wait about ten days to pass to the first painting, we make another sanding with fine grain, to allow a better adhesion of the paint;
    This painting cycle is carried out six times, to guarantee the total impermeability of the piece and a shine that enhances the veins of the noble woods."

    If it wasn't for the loft on top of the sculpture, maybe i could sell the idea to my wife... After a bottle of wine for more success maybe... With all due respect for the artist (why call him artisan, they are sculptures!), i wouldn't know where to put my fingers on those things. I never liked Picasso nor Salvador Dali...

    P.S.: Dear God, was google translate always so good? Why did i bother to translate it myself, when google would have done a better job!
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  3. naughtilus

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    The handles are OK-ish. I just can't see the appeal with synthetic knots. But I'm the uncultured exception in this technocratic vegan reality the elites envisioned for us. I prefer brushes made from something that spent its life eating and pooping on the forest floor. What do I know.
  4. Italians wilding.
  5. But he is going "to the opposite direction with obstinancy"! You are the mainstream. He is the innovator! The animal brush you talk of, aside being cruel, is also non eternal. His, is! Is EUR 350 a high price to ask for eternity?
  6. naughtilus

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    I love the smell of a new badger brush. Unlike boar I find it very appealing. How do Synthetics smell?
  7. I don't know...Maybe they get the smell of the reticulated polymer with which he sprays the wood? :surrender:
  8. He already has it!

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  9. naughtilus

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    .................. :sod:
  10. naughtilus

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    It's vacuum infused resin into wood. No smell. Eternal.
  11. Some people just have too much disposable income.
  12. naughtilus

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    MDL used a week's worth of soap (for a synthetic) in one load. And the way he face lathers is art itself. That poor brush.
  13. Oh, i don't think he paid for it. Benefits of being a wetshaving celebrity you see. His video is of March 9. The only shop that sells it, sent me an email informing that the brush was available for sale, on May 14. So he made a video of the brush, 2 months before the brush was on sale in the italian store. He also "forgot" to mention the price for such a unique item. My guess is, they sent him the brush for free, to make videos out of it (and in deed, by a quick look, it seems he made 3 videos), in preparation of the official launch of the product on May 14.
  14. I mean even if he did it's kind of an investment since he is a Youtuber. But you are right definitely a freebie.
  15. ajkel64

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    Yeah, that is pricey. I’d hate to convert Euro’s to Aussie dollars. It would cost a lot more. Not for me. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Oh please BF,

    That's cheap stuff, I'm currently working with Bugatti and Graff Diamonds to produce a brush made from supermodel hair and the finest titanium/carbon/platinum/24k gold handle that has moving pistons which automatically adjust the height of every strand of hair to the exact place on your face that you'll feel like your face is buried in a cloud of Doutzen Kroes or Ming Shi's hair as you lather. Plus it tells you exactly how long to the millisecond you took to shave.

    The price, think 5 figures. In the immortal words of Linda, "we don't wake up for less than $10,000."

  17. You are right about the "investment", but my impression looking at the evolution of his gear, is that past one point where you become "celebrity", companies just start showering you with their products for free, just so that you can make "free" pubblicity of them to your 8500 followers. MdL is the 2nd most followed wetshaving youtuber in Italy and i noticed that recently, Extrò Cosmesi launched the 6th soap/aftershave with his name on. These soaps, by coincidence are sold by the same shop that sells these new brushes.

    :a14: :lol1:
  18. I was not aware that a shaving brush had to smell a particular way to be able to work!! I converted to synthetics almost 2 years ago and all of mine work very well, in fact so well that all my natural hair brushes have vanished!!
    I'm sure he didn't forget to mention it... I'm thinking if he mentioned a price in the video's it would scare off more than a few potential customers!!

    btw... Maybe its just me but the handle design is... well... ugly imo!! I see nothing ergonomic at all in those pics...
  19. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Neither does soap. If you think about it, we don't really need food to be tasty. Just eat some mush from a tube to get nourishment.

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