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Hi, gents.
In your personal opinion, which they believe to be the must-have of shaving brushes. Only the one that we all must have.:confused::rolleyes::confused:


The EJ/C&E Best Badger Brush in medium. Own it, or at least tried it. IMHO, it's a benchmark brush.
The one that works best for you and your style of shaving, using creams or soaps. There's a lot to choose from.


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Are you saying that every wetshaver "must have" SIX brushes!

Of course not, that's far too low a number.

The must-have brush for starting out is the C&E BBB.

Then, I'd say you "must have" a Rooney (heitage if you can) and a Shavemac silvertip ... you'll get "firm" and "soft" displayed in excellent form ... you are now at the crossroads ... you'll know which way you want to go from there.
All of them. I certainly think a good boar brush is a must have. Badger brushes are so personal you can't have just one.
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