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The Molton Brown Experience?

Yes, it's quite good. It's actually my preferred cream for traveling. I would describe the consistency as a slightly watered down hair conditioner, which takes some getting used to, but I think you'll enjoy it. It also smells delicious.
MB also makes my favorite body wash. If you can pick some up at a discount, I would recommend doing so. I wouldn't dream of paying full price for any of these products.
I tried the Molton Brown this morning, and it is some odd stuff. I put a bit in my bowl and after swirling it 3-4 times, the cream just vanished. This stuff is definitely brushless only.

I then placed more cream on my face where it tended to soak into the skin instead of lathering up. The consistency did remind me of watered-down hair conditioner or hand lotion without much scent. I was very disappointed so far, but soldiered on to find decent lubricity and surprisingly zero nicks. I did three passes total and got a very smooth shave.

After my standard alum block and coral skin food, I went about my normal routine. But about 30 minutes later I felt my face and it has never felt smoother. It's beyond BBS. I don't know what they put in that stuff, but i feel like I slept in a vat of aloe vera or something.

So, the shaving experience was rather blah, the scent was marginal, but I certainly can't argue with the results. Molton Brown is unlike anything I've ever tried, that's for sure.
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