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The Long Open Comb March

Mine has been on deck just about every day since last year. Maybe I should give it a vacation and spend March with a different OC?

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I think I'll use my Canadian ball end Long Comb NEW for the whole month and skip the Fatip for awhile. Yep, that's the plan.
This is easy, I only use OC. My main squeeze is this combo--Joris Palladium head/Pendragon "Pimped Out" Chrome handle.

That is one awesome set-up and the Pendragon handles are incredibly beautiful. Sadly, they are way beyond my shaving budget... :sad:
Just what I needed!

Before the Sabbatical started I bought 3 OC Gillettes: two NEWs (SC & LC...USA-made) and an OLD-style Goodwill. I also have a 1920's OLD that I've been using since the later part of last year. I'm trying each with different blades and handles and could really use some time to focus on each razor and organize my thoughts. This is perfect!
Cool I might try this. My first OC is on the way as we speak, a US LC New.

Looking forward to trying it out!
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