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The lightest (but still good) double edge razor?

Standard Razors - made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum (except for the handle screw), weighs in at 1.6 oz. For comparison, a Merkur 34C is 2.8 oz. The smooth anodized handle is surprisingly grippy.

I love the black, but if it is too radical for you, it is also available in natural matte finish, or "raw" as the manufacturer calls it.


The lightest razor I own is a 30's Tech. Very nice razor, great audible feedback.
That's interesting b/c I shave based on audio almost more than anything else, i really feel like I hear the blades/ hairs.

I appreciate all the suggestions enormously and will spend some time and try a couple and respond. sounds like bakelite and feather come highly recommended. i live in LA so might even be able to stop in a shop and get a hand on one of these before i go in. I feel like i'll know by handfeel if it is what i'm looking for almost immediately

i really appreciate the repsonses, you guys here are great. i dont spend aa lot of time on the computer but all my shaving stuff is answered here, period.
Hi...just wondering if anyone would have any updates to this list of lighter weight DE razors and/or if any new entries have come on the market since 2014? Thanks.
I’m seconding @BradWorld recommendation of the Timeless Aluminum.
It is extremely well designed and manufactured, light weight, and efficient based in j the head design (not just the blade gap).
Lord L5 and L6 are very good razors for almost no money at all.
Aluminum Tech is another very nice razor.
Old Techs can be found in flea markets here in Sweden for just a couple of Euros 😊
As mentioned, Aluminium Tech.
The Tech is a fine razor, and despite what some few detractors may say it can mow down whiskers with the best of them.
There's a reason the Tech was the longest running production razor and the number one seller for Gillette.
On top of that, they can be purchased on the cheap at a fraction of the price of a modern razor.
They are so inexpensive, you might consider trying one first, and if its light weight or shaving ability isn't to your liking, you're not out a bundle of hard earned cash.
Lupo. Excellent shaver!
The lightest razor I have.
Just to clarify, when VerbaVolant says "lupo" he is referring to the original Lupo, not the new stainless one that everybody is talking about.

I would add the aluminum Hone razor to the mix. Looks really nice, too. So, a good updated list should include:

aluminum Lupo
aluminum Timeless
aluminum Hone
Henson AL13

among others.
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