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the light at the end of the tunnel?

could it be???:confused1

will be finishing the month at current job (home depot) ...part time :sleep::thumbdown joke for wage:angry: 30 min. drive.:sneaky2:

and starting feb. 3rd. at new job. full time :huh: 10 min. drive. :laugh: office work,, cubical on phone all day. :blink:
commission pay :scared::confused1 this part is scary, i know. but it's not like i am sacrificing anything. hd was a bit of a joke.

i will be selling sub prime leads to auto dealerships all over north America.

business has been around 15 years. A+ with the BBB.:thumbup:.................................so,,

im hoping this will turn out to be a good opportunity for me.


do any of you have any experience with this company? or anyone who has had a job generating leads?
I wish you the best. Good for you for toughing it out at Home Depot. I worked part time at a movie theatre once, so I know how hard minimum wage jobs can be. Good luck!
Best of luck and congrats on a job! Any job today is a bonus, been without a real job since oct 2005. A friend with a doctorate just got a full time job at a small clothing store, 4 openings for salespersons. Store limited interviews to master and doctorate degrees, 250 people and he was luck to get it. Pays $14 per hour. So your job of full time commission sales sounds great!
thank you all for the well wishes.

the good thing about commission is the more i make, the more the business makes. so there is a drive from them for me to do as much as i can.
on the opposite, if i do not make the grade, they will can me for someone else. someone who can close a sale.

i am fairly certain i will do good. it's just a little scary. nothing is certain. i tight rope walking without a net.
I once worked for a company called Auto Credit, I don't think it's the same company you were hired at. There's a lot of those types of companies with similar names.

My job was on the collections side. I spent most days on the phone calling people who were past due on their accounts. And other days, I was literally going to their houses trying to collect payment. Hated it. I got canned within my 3 month probationary period for non-performance. Not sure what they expected. If they don't have the money, I can't collect it. I can't force them to pay anything anyway. Oh well. I wasn't bothered one bit by being fired. This was about 9 or 10 years ago.
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