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The latest with my Gillette slim


my brain goes "thonk"
I'be been using my slim set on 6 and have been getting really good shaves. If had had know about this razor a long time ago I would have purchased it instead of new razors. I got bit a couple of times, but I think that's do to pressure. It's not has hefty or as heavy as the 39c, but I think I'm going to use it a while before I go back to using the 39c. I got irritation, but that's probably from going over areas without much lubrication. My face feels like it did when I was in high school.


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How many passes do you do? If you do multiples try something like 3, 6, and 9. Or any combination. Play with it and you will hit that perfect combination.
Although I have a 39c and enjoy it, I really love them Gillette's. When I can find one in the wild at a reasonable price, I can't wait to try them. Many of them are surprising as to how well they shave. I probably will only buy vintage from now on.
Going over areas without cream is a recipe for irritation.

I have a Fatboy, not a slim, so my experience may be a little biased but hopefully similar. My neck gets irritated if I do too many passes. So I like to dial up the Fatboy on my neck, so that I can reduce the number of passes I need for a DFS. Perhaps worth a try for you?

Also, I find the angle of my Fatboy matters a lot. Too steep and I can be scraping causing razor burn, so I find I use the Fatboy at a shallower angle. Maybe see what angle you are using and adjust it accordingly?
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