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The last tin you finished

Just filled my last pipe from this tin of Hearth & Home Viprati. A little dab left over went into the Remnant jar, which is developing an enticing aroma!
I'll likely not open another tin of Viprati for awhile. I like it and have plenty on hand, but there are a lot of Va blends on the smoking shelf right now.
Yesterday I smoked the last of a tin of Robert McConnell Folded Flake Matured Virginia from June of '14. I was given this tin in a Secret Santa Exchange and the tobacco was sublime. Sweet and rich with a depth of flavor that I hope to smoke again someday.
Surprised to see this thread die off.

I killed off a tin of McClelland Wilderness yesterday. I shed a tear for an extinct blend, from an extinct blender, featuring an extinct tobacco. Thankfully, I still have a few tins of this magic left in the cellar.


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recent kills.

PS. Luxury Navy Flake
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River rum barrel aged
Spark Plug. It went pretty quick. That's because of its similar smoking qualities to Gaslight. Since St. Patrick's Day, I've been smoking my new Petersons almost exclusively, trying to get them broken in (all at once, so I don't have to try and figure out if any particular one is "done" or not). Gaslight is my go-to break-in tobacco because it smokes slow and cool, which offsets my tendency to smoke hot and fast. Spark Plug is the same, but offers some variety in flavor.
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