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The last tin you finished

I searched for a thread with a similar subject and although I'm certain there has to be one, I couldn't find it.
So here it goes........
What was the last tin you finished?
Polished off a tin of Holger Danske Royal Navy Flake not too long ago.

It's pretty good, it's a blend heavy handed on the Kentucky and Perique, with VA and Izmur, then topped with Lakeland essence. It's pretty complex in flavors... in a good way.
Love that stuff.
Love that stuff.
It's my second fav from Glynn.

First choice goes to Clementine's Nip... which is the weirdest blend ever, but tastes oh so good. It's kind of like if you took leftover tobacco from like 10 different blends, mixed it together, and added a touch of magic. I mean... there's no way that it should taste good, but it does. It's VA, Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Perique, and some cigar leaf from a certain island country, all topped with caramel, coconut, and Lakeland. Running out of it was a very sad day.


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Peterson's University Flake that I stoved myself. Pretty sure I'll be stoving all the tins I have of UF once I move to the new house. lol
Last tin I finished....ah yes, I believe it was a Hemingway circa 1980.

My joking point, I have only finished two tins in sheesh 11 years smoking pipes. Started my meerschaum in 2005 and 30+ pipes later, and about 30 pounds of tobacco later, I have about 80 varieties and finished a tin of And So To Bed, and a tin of Deep Hollow. Sounds sad but the contrary, now every thing I smoke has a solid 10 years age to it haha.
Price, I always liked your style :)

I didn't mean it in a bragging way I just meant my point to be that I buy tobacco faster than I can smoke thru a tin.
I'm trying to concentrate on a few blends at a time now. I used to be all ADHD about smoking a different blend all of the time, but I've decided that I should narrow my focus.

Right now, I'm aiming at killing off a jar that had to have contained like 2-3 tins worth of Irish Flake from 2013. I'm down to the last 5 flakes, after smoking it non-stop for like the past month or so. It's really made me regain my love for VaBurs. I've also probably increased my tolerance for Vitamin N beyond all acceptable levels.

I'm also in the process of killing off a jar of H&H BlackHouse with 2 years on it. And I'm occasionally rotating between some Ennerdale and Peretti No. 8 just to keep things interesting. Those two will be more difficult to kill off, since the jars are pretty full and I'm not smoking them daily.