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The Last of Fern(aka)Varen


my brain goes "thonk"
I used the last if this soap today. It was in a somewhat liquid form with a soft clump in the corner of the container. It was enough for a 3 pass shave with a good amount left over on the brush. I got a little less than of the same face feel that I get from using the Scotts Pine Sheep soap. I like the fragrance of Varen more the the Scotts Pine soap. Both gave me a good shave. I think my next puck is going to be the Sheep Soap unscented. I'm glad I bumped into these soaps. I passed them up when I first saw them on the Stirling website. Iwas driving next to live stock truck once that was full of sheep. Boy did they smell bad! That's why I didn't try the soaps made woth sheep tallow ealier. Also I like the Varen in the fall and winter months. The fragrance works well for me and I like oakmoss. The soap is 3x win for me. I just remembered that even with a small amount of Stirling soaps you can good a good amount of lather. That was proven again today.

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Since the shortage no longer manufactured due to tallow shortage rumors are there I could not resist and ordered a fresh tub at top of the chain to be send to the Netherlands. With some balm to booth
Ow and all stirling mutton tallow soaps are beeeeeeeeeh worth trying imho. Had several and they are all very good performing soaps.
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