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The Last Movie You Watched?


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My wife and I watched "Maid In Malacañang" from 2022, a fictional telling of the last three days of the Filipino government of Ferdinand Marcos. This is mainly in Tagalog and given that I find politics extremely tedious even when I do understand it, I declined the option of English subtitles, just to be certain that I understood as little as possible. My Filipino wife is an admirer of the Marcos family and the current president Bongbong Marcos, and as such enjoyed this movie as a historically accurate telling of the events of the time. If, like many other Filipinos you dislike the Marcos family then you will regard it as a gross distortion of the facts and a travesty of film making. I have no opinion as I did not understand a word and have learned that it is wise not to discuss the politics of the Philippines with my wife. I spent an enjoyable 90 minutes browsing B&B 🤣

I watched Bullet Train. I enjoyed it. If one can believe what is posted on the internet, I cannot understand how anyone thought paying Sandra Bullock $20 million for her role was a good investment. In terms of just watching and seeing how things are woven together along with the comedy, I think it was pretty good.
Just got FIOS back after almost 24 hours. With no internet, tv or phone, it gave us a chance to binge some films we hadn't seen in a while on DVD and DVR. Prior to the outage, I had watched Independence Day (1996) and Four Days In November (1964), a good documentary on the JFK Dallas trip compiled from newsreels. Released a year after the assassination, it covered the movements of JFK and Oswald in those 4 days, without the conspiracy theories. I was a senior in high school at the time so remember it well.

Last night my wife and I watched Limitless (2011) and Bachelor Mother (1939). Today I watched a silent film called The Boob (1926). I got "a look" from my wife when she saw that one listed on the dvr, until I told her it was a silent comedy. I suggested she stay and watch, but she left and went to our daughter's to check our Fios status from their computer. While she and our daughter hung out, I finished The Boob and made it halfway through The Barefoot Contessa (1954) with Ava Gardner and Bogart. Not my favorite film of Ava or Bogie, but I enjoy the two of them together in that film. My wife is not a Bogie fan, so when she got home, I passed the remotes to her. She's currently binging on our old dvds of SOAP.


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Last night, I re-watched the 2006 Superman Returns with Brandon Routh.
I think Routh did what he could with what he was given, but there's just SO MUCH wrong with this movie.
The very hokey fake blue eyes which are such a major distraction, I can't tell if it is just really shoddy CGI or if they actually chose that color of contact lenses, but it's a fail.
Can you make the spit curl look any more grotesque, fake and posed?
Superman is the bastion of honesty, decency and integrity, so I just cringed at all the very creepy scenes of him listening in on the conversations of normal people, stalking and spying on his ex, popping in unannounced and secretly to the room of the sleeping kid, it goes on and on.
He just, without explanation to anyone, bails on his True Love Lois, bails on his duty to be there to prosecute Lex Luthor, gives in to a sudden and uncharacteristic idea to just be selfish and secretly disappear for 5 years?
I don't see the Superman canon supporting that kind of decision.
Superman is a super man. He picks up ships, he moves entire buildings, in the 1978 Superman he literally lifted California, but in Superman Returns we see him struggle and strain and just barely stop a medium size airliner before it crashes.
There's no witty banter like there was in the Christopher Reeve movies. There's no build up of the character to make you want to root for him like the scenes of Clark being bullied but not retaliating in the Man of Steel. There's no real reason to believe he's the man for the job like the Superman kicking butt of the entire Justice League Team and the head butting scene with Wonder Woman in Justice League.
The villains lack any real pizazz and don't feel threatening in any real way. There's no explanation behind the concept and execution of the whole new crystal continent idea. It just feels like it was contrived.
I mean, as a major fan of Superman that I am, I still enjoyed watching it if for nothing else that it makes what came before and after seem so much better.

The Justice league vs Superman, with the headbutt scene starting at 3:18

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This weekend, we watched, and watched, and watched Once Upon A Time In America. The 3 hour and 40+ minute European version that the film snobs prefer.

Good movie, but be prepared for a few bathroom breaks. It made the Ten Commandments seem like a short reel. Today, a movie that long would be broken into a mini-series, a la Chernobyl. At least it wasn't Gettysburg long.

I forgot how much Sergio Leone liked that pan flute music. I was expecting Clint Eastwood to show up in the streets at some points.
The Lone Wolf Returns (1935) The only actor smoother than Melvyn Douglas was William Powell.
Wonka (2023) A bit of cotton candy that quickly dissolves and doesn't leave an aftertaste.
"Road House"
The remake with Jake Gyllenhaal. Not great. Thin plot, loosely patterned after the much better version with Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, and Ben Gazzara...lest we forget Jeff Healey.


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Train to Busan. Netflix (I think, leaving soon)
Korean language only, English subtitles. Takes a good 15-20 minutes to get moving, then it's pretty much non-stop action.
Possibly the BEST zombie movie ever.
4.5/5 (at least)
Train to Busan. Netflix (I think, leaving soon)
Korean language only, English subtitles. Takes a good 15-20 minutes to get moving, then it's pretty much non-stop action.
Possibly the BEST zombie movie ever.
4.5/5 (at least)
Great movie! I don't rate the sequel though, doesn't capture what the first one did so well, don't feel bad giving it a skip.
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