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The Last Movie You Watched?

I might need to get this, just to hear "thunder buddy" in context.
Just saw this the other night, was a little underwhelmed. I feel like it might be more enjoyable/appealing to viewers who are under the influence
After a couple of foiled attempts over the past few weeks, finally saw Skyfall last night. I thought it was quite good, though there were a few glaring mistakes. I don't think the wife was very impressed - I caught her dozing off at one point.
What mistakes did you catch?
What mistakes did you catch?
Spoilers ahead - view at your own risk :biggrin1:
Here are a few problems I had with movie:
1. When Bond is shot and falls into the water and "dies" and there is no explanation about how he survives. Maybe not a discrepancy, but I felt that the plot needed some work here.
2. The part where they are on the island and helicopters show up - so that was all a part of the villian, Silva's, plan all along? That's a big stretch.
3. I'm in computer security and have major problems with the scene where they were analyzing Silva's computer. Total BS - an examiner would have that thing isolated from any network. The statement about "security through obscurity" was misrepresented - in the real world we use that phrase to describe a very shabby security plan. Also, the graphical representation was more than a little laughable.
4. The scene where Silva planted the bomb in the subway ceiling and it was set to blow just as Bond shows up. Hokey to say the least.
5. At the end where M and the estate caretaker are out in the distance, and they give themselves away with the light of a flashlight - the head of MI6 wouldn't forsee the problem of using a flashlight at this time?

There are certainly other problems with the plot and with certain scenes, but these were the ones that bugged me the most. My wife noticed some different ones than I did. Still, I love an action-packed spy movie, and the I did enjoy the movie so I'm not complaining. It just requires a certain amount of that willful suspension of disbelief. :laugh:
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The Help. I actually didnt want to watch it. Forgot to set my Netflix queue and got this movie. Overall it was pretty good though. Definitely some excellent performances by the actors.