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The Last Movie You Watched?

Inglorious Bastards. The original cheesy 70's movie, not Tarantino's hipster flick from a few years ago.

It was Fred Williamson-arific.

“A year ago in winter” by Caroline Link. Very interesting, but sad movie… Still worth watching as for me…
The Picture Of Dorien Grey. Classic horror and sci-fi are a passion ive had since I was a kid. I also enjoy classic film noir as well.
J. Edgar. Good movie, good performances.

One minor quibble: the lighting. A good portion of the movie was shot in flashback sequences, and whoever shot it chose a yellowish soft tint for many of the flashbacks, undoubtedly to help convey the transition in time. I normally don't notice stuff such as that, but in this movie the fuzzy yellow lighting of some shots was noticable enough to become slightly annoying.
I went to Skyfall last night. Best James Bond I have ever seen. I took my daughter who had never seen a James Bond movie, she is 27, and she is now a fan.
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

It's the one where they travel back in time to like 1986 to bring whales to the future. I remember seeing it when I was a kid and enjoying it. A totally goofball concept but still entertaining. You'd never see any of the newer Trek franchises attempt something out there like that!