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The Kaweco Thread

I was just thinking, again, today as I was putting my black Sport through its paces. I edit books on paper, and my Kaweco was in the other room, so I used some rollerball. Ugh. Got off my lazy tail and got my Kaweco. All is well. 7 years now; the best nib I have ever had, which is a matter of luck, I admit.
I've never particularly liked my Kaweco Sports. They aren't particularly bad or good, just adequate. And I have other pens I like better.

But my Liliput, which I just took out again after a while, is a neat little pen. The nib is quite good after some minor tweaking. I like the cap screwing securely into the posted position. And although they don't make a pocket clip for it, a clip for a Fisher Space Pen actually fits very nicely.

Negatives, you more or less have to use short cartridges in these, although they can be refilled with a syringe. The only converter that fits is the little Kaweco squeeze converter which is pretty much useless. And you're not supposed to eyedropper fill metal barreled pens like this. And even posted, this is quite a tiny pen. It's really the only fountain pen I have which is too small to be comfortable for long writing sessions, and I have some others which are pretty small.

Still, it has character, and will continue to get used from time to time.Liliput2.jpg Liliput1.jpg
This brand does not get enough press, in my opinion. Occasionally folks around here, including me, mention the Kaweco Sport as a good option when someone is looking for a starter or pocket pen. That's usually where all mention of Kaweco ends. My Sport has a medium gold-plated steel nib that writes far nicer than any Lamy I've ever used. Mine is buttery smooth and writes flawlessly every time I pick it up, even if I've allowed it to sit unused for days. I have also been impressed with the Sport's durability, and you can eyedropper it! It's the pen I usually take with me when I travel because I don't have to really worry about damaging or losing it. It also doesn't take up much room in my pocket, especially since my Sport is clipless. It's just a brilliant little pen, and it's available in aluminum and carbon models if you're a really big fan.

But enough about the Sport. Today I ran across some of the other Kaweco offerings at Jet Pens. I knew about the Liliput, but I had never seen the Student Pen. It looks like a good moderately-priced pen if you don't mind a metal grip section.

What really caught my eye, however, were the Dia2 and Elite. I'm not typically one for yellow gold, except on tortoise and some black pens. The Dia2 looks gorgeous and features a Bock nib. The Elite has a faceted barrel, which is unique. There aren't a huge number of faceted pens on the market, really. I don't post my pens, and both the Dia2 and Elite look long enough to be comfortable for non-posted use. I really like the art deco styling of all these pens. The clips on the Student Pen, Dia2, and Elite look fantastic, in my opinion.

I'm sure you get what you pay for with these pens, but if ink capacity is an issue or you just don't like cart/converter pens, Pelikan may be the better option. So does anyone own one of these non-sport Kaweco fountain pens? If so, I'd love to hear some impressions. If not, I may have to do some, uh... research.

I bought a Sport m and then another, and another, and another, now have like 6, then came the Student, a brass lead holder, then a Brass Sport, then a Brass Liliput, then a Dia 2 roller, and finally a Copper Liliput in EF!!!! Love them ALL.......
I have had two Kawecos because I like the design, I gave up on them when they stopped working. I heard somewhere that Kaweco produced a batch of faulty feeds.

This is my pocket pen, not made by Kaweco.

Brass pen.jpg
I never got to experience the Bock smoothness until I closed up the tines a little bit. It has been scratching this whole time!

It is pretty decent now, still not as smooth as when it is just about to dry up. I really like Kaweco's dryness and line consistency if they wouldn't set it wetter from the factory.

PS: The nibs and feeds are single units. I line up the M better with its stock feed.
Anyone here used / used the Brass sport roller ball (G2 refil)? Quiet keen on them but was 2ondering about posted weight 3tc.
Thanks guys. Already regularly use the brass FP with a 1.1 stub, paired up with the brass sketch up 5.6 pencil. Was thinking about the RB for work. Right off to find a good price on one. New or used.


Cheaper than ink
During the pandemic, my Ice Sport with medium steel nib has been my daily driver.
Opposite for me, Bob. Since the pandemic begun I haven't touched my little Kaweco Sports.

That's about to change right now.


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