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The "is it worth it?" PIF


I've been here a while and have been in a few PIFs, won a thing or two, and have been absolutely astounded by the generosity of this place. It is with great pleasure that I announce


Without further ado, here's the shaving porn.

That's 50 Rapira and 25 Shark SS blades, a VdH badger brush, and a razor.

It's a Z3 Flare Tip Super Speed. Darn good condition, but not mint. I just don't like it enough. You can have it FOR KEEPSIES!!! I'll throw in TWO pucks of Williams, too!

I know. It's my first PIF and you expect more. I'm not insensitive to your needs. I have feelings too! That's why I'm offering a second place prize. A runner-up, a first loser? Not hardly. Check this out

A BRUSH! Neato! I won't lie to you, it's used and losing a bristle here and there. It's chipped...

But it LATHERS! It's a good dog that warms your feet by the fire.
And he comes with FRIENDS!

15 Shark ss, 20 Rapira, and a sampler of others. All that and TWO pucks of Williams, too! HOLY COW!

ok. I admit that I am a sucker for PIFs. I love it. I REALLY do. The idea that I could win something is LIKE CRACK!

I guess a third guy will get some stuff to show my admiration.

5 Shark , 10 Rapira, a sampler, AND a puck of Williams.

Yay! Big PIF!


Is it worth it?
What kind of pif IS this, anyway? Well...

I won't tell. There's no end date and no set requirements. All you have to do is DANCE, MONKEY!!! erm... enter to win...

I might have my daughter pull names. I could use random.org. I might have the Yogi On The Mountain choose the purest of you all.

I don't know yet. It could change. It's a big PIF.



Let's find out.

I'll say 50 post minimum and/or 3 months on B&B.

STAGE 1: state "I'm in".
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That's one amazing PIF! As tempting as this is, I'm not in. The winners will all be very happy with one

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Great PIF, not in.

My flare tip superspeed is a very smooth shaver. Someone will be lucky to get this PIF. That said, I am interested to see where this goes...
The problem with sales is that it's mostly giving things away in hopes of getting business.

I don't want business. I just want SPACE!!! TAKE MY STUFF!

STAGE 1 will continue for a few days. Maybe a week. I don't know. I'm making this up as I go along, FUN, RIGHT!?!?!?!
Very nice PIF.
So good to hear your enjoyment of Badger and Blade has provoked you to keep spreading the cheer. Well done sir.
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