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The "is it me?" Passaround

The victim, me. I was subjected to bad. not just bad, horrible tugging like nothing i've ever felt before. Bad blade? Perhaps. Fiddled and tried another in my Vector. Nope. Maybe it's the razor. These blades are DE thin and maybe the vector stops short? I'm not interested enough to measure, I just know it was bad. So, Into the Have v3 A, nope no cutty. It feels like a old DE how it pulls. Old AC blades, to me usually just cut less efficiently, but the rarely tug. I suspect this is due to blade geometry and phsics. Again, I don't care that much to use cycles on it, I just know it feels different on my face.

But that's just is, it's my face. There are no threads on these. The reviews say they are decent so what was I to lose for around 12 bucks. There's not a lot of information out there. I propose a pass around to generate data. I hope its just me but who knows. The idea is I'll create and maintain the list. This should be a really fast pass around since there are 48 blades left and each person will essentially take 1 and mail it on to the next person. This also give people who want to use their time and tools to measure these guys the opportunity to do so IO'll send it to the first person and you are responsible for sending it to the next person in as short a time as possible, preferably a day or two. Who wants to dedicate some stubble to big data, well little data anyway?

Starting the list here. Copy the list, add your name and a number to it. When you it gets to 48, game over.

0. Neffarious - blade acquirer
@Neffarious here’s another possible idea... if folks were to send you a buck to mail them a couple blades, would you be open to that? Blades can be taped onto paper and mailed for the price of a stamp, versus the box being shipped from place to place for $3-5 each time with a trip to the post office.

Obviously that idea puts the workload on you to send them out though, so I certainly wouldn’t fault you for saying Shut up Jesse that’s dumb ;-)
I've been meaning to post that idea as well. I thought of that shortly after that it was going to be $4 for one person to try a blade. Steep! I'm down for any idea to see what others think of these...