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The "I Lurvz My B&B!" March 2012 Fundraiser

Once more we wish to welcome you to the sometimes annual Support B&B Contest. This event is being brought to you by the self-appointed and self-important B&B Fund Raising Committee. Members include brianw, jakespoppy, hdstreetglide, beginnish, captp, maxman, natchez and yours truly, Mr. Scruffy. Honorary members are Sullybob, dkh, strop and rearviewmirror.

Our Story (once again):
We like B&B. We think that you do too. We truly enjoy our time spent here. Each of us through B&B has been afforded a wonderful source of information, inspiration, support, camaraderie and general good fun in our respective pursuit of shaving happiness. Because of this forum and those who participate here we have transitioned from lethargic, face scraping automatons to well educated, well informed and contented wetshavers. Straights or DE’s, soaps or creams, badger or boar, regardless of your chosen setup this board has helped guide you through the process of finding what works for you. You have adopted the B&B mantra, “YMMV”.

And the additions over the last year of new forums such as The Nib and The Brown Leaf have reflected our members' desire to expand our areas of interest as we pursue the more gentlemanly aspects of life.

Continuing the task we have assigned ourselves to assist in assuring the financial viability of Badger and Blade we have assembled a grab bag of goodies from our personal stashes to entice and reward B&B members who support this community with their hard earned coin. We don’t have a specific purpose for this fund drive other than to show support for the forum. We will leave it up to Joel and Nick to determine the best uses for the funds we raise here.

tha roolze

Here's how the contest will work:
  • The format is pretty much the same as previous fundraisers. All members are eligible for the contest. We especially wish to encourage the participation of our international members. Lurkers will need to join in order to play.
  • A raffle will be held to award the goodies listed below to four deserving B&B contributors. The entry period for the raffle begins now and will end at 7:00 PM CDT on Wednesday April 4, 2012.
  • Any B&B member who becomes a new Copper Level ($20) or higher contributor will be automatically eligible for the raffle. In order to enter the raffle, go to the Contributor's Corner and add a post to the"I Lurvz My B&B" thread. Include in your post the words "I Lurvz B&B". Don't forget to make your contribution before posting to this thread!!
  • Members who have previously contributed, regardless of amount, can participate in this contest by making another $20 contribution.
  • Only one entry per member is allowed.
  • The First Place Prize, Second Place Prize and Third Place Prize will be awarded to members whose entries have been selected by a random number generator on the first day following the end of the entry period.
  • As always, there is one flaw in this plan. We can tell you are a contributor by the tag that appears next to your user name, but we have no way of knowing when your support was given. So we want to remind everyone that the honor system applies to this contest. Play nice. Play fair..
  • This is the most important rule – NO WHINING, COMPLAINING, CRYING, TANTRUMS, SNARKINESS OR GENERAL DISPLAYS OF BAD ATTITUDE...Violators will be disqualified at the discretion of the committee members, without refund of any contribution made.
  • Rules are subject to change at our discretion to accommodate what we feel to be fair play for all.
The Prize List!! (pics below).

:thumbup:3rd Place..shall receive:thumbup:

1 each travel size tubs of Nancy Boy signature, replenishing and blossomwood shave creams
Palmolive shave stick
1 Monsavon shave soap
C&E BBB shaving brush
Cased Milord
Black handle SS Y3
e type Injector Brown handle
Palmolive stick
SCS "Refined" SS Chilled made by Sue
Shave Library Premium Shave Soap "Mandalay"
Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion
Arko stick
Geo. F. Trumper soap refill "Coconut"
SCS Woods AS
2 tubes of C.O. Bigelow cream
Speick Stick
Speick ASB
Speick Shower Gel
MB Eucalyptus
Wee Scot
3 More Arko Sticks
Key Lime SS
black ss A4
Star DE
Weber DE
SCS Refined AS Milk

:thumbsup:2nd Place..shall receive:thumbsup:

1 each travel size tubs of Nancy Boy signature, replenishing and blossomwood shave creams
Valobra shave stick
valobra menthol soft shave soaps
Refill puck MWF
Monsavon shave soap
New B&B Essential shaving brush
Cased Fatboy
e type Injector white handle
Flair tip SS C1
Irisch Moos Stick
SCS "Refined" SS made by Sue
Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion
RazoRock Artisan Soap "Mughetto di Bologna"
Geo F. Trumper soap refill "Lime"
Musgo Real AS
SCS Sandalwood AS and EDT
2 Injectors and a pack of blades
Weber DE
Coti bout
OVB Str8
2 Speick Stick
Speick ASB
Speick Shower Gel
New Deluxe with BRW Handle
refill puck Trumper's Rose
refill puck Trumper's Violet
2009 B&B LE Butterscotch
Cased Fat Handle Tech
Blades, Derby, Personna, Dorco
4 oz Cella
Chubby 1 Best
3 Arko Sticks
Cased Aristocrat
black lh adj S1
black ss W4
flaretip G2
4 vintage NOS soaps
SCS Refined Menthol Soap and AS

:a50:1st Place..shall receive.:a50:

1 each travel size tubs of Nancy Boy signature, replenishing and blossomwood shave creams
valobra almond soft shave soaps
2 pucks MWF
Puck Czech & Speake No. 88 shave soap
NOS puck and bowl of Pen's English Fern SS, tallow first
cased 1948-50 Aristocrat
Merkur 25HD with case
Kanoyama 5260 strop
e type Injector white handle
40's Super speed
e type Injector Brown handle
LaToja Sick
SCS "Refined" SS made by Sue
Bottle BBB Ink
Sector 300 Watch. Stainless with black face. Includes all paperwork and boxes.
200 Shark Super Stainless blades
Gillette Adjustable "Fat Boy" E1 in case
TWSBI Diamond 540 Fountain Pen. Fine nib. (New in Box) with the following ink samples (2ml):
Diamine Sunshine Yellow, Private Reserve Ebony Green, Noodlers Nikita, Shaeffer Blue-Black,
Sailor Jentle Epinard, Rohrer & Klingner Morinda, Noodlers Gruene Cactus, Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun
Noodlers Bad Blue Heron, Rohrer & Klingner Blau Permanent, Diamine Denim, Diamine Monaco Red.
Old Spice soap and mug
Omega soap
Coti bout
2009 B&B LE Butterscotch
Speick Stick
2 Speick ASB
Speick ASB
Simpson Tulip 2 2-band super
Chubby 3 Super
Dovo Ebony Str8
Gillette Bleues 6 10-blade packs
broad nib for TWSBI 530/540
slim H2
Red Tip C2
SCS Refined Soap, AS and EdT

We also have two special prize beginners' kits to be awarded to some lucky members at our whim....

But wait… There's More!!!!!!!!!! There is also a special Gold Level Prize!!!!!!

Members who contribute at the gold level ($100), in addition to being eligible for the above prizes, will also be eligible for:

Badger and Blade Limited Edition Wrist Watch
Badger and Blade Limited Edition Le Grelot Straight Razor
Badger and Blade Limited Edition 2008 Shaving Brush (NIB)
Badger and Blade Limited Edition 2009 Shaving Brush in Ebony (NIB)
Badger and Blade Limited Edition Glencairn Nosing Glass

:eek2: Yowza!

Click on the link in my signature below to make your contribution. Note: in the event an international member(s) wins any or all of the prizes, substitute prizes for those items which contain alcohol shall be awarded in order to avoid shipping restrictions.

Disclaimer: None of the B&B members mentioned above receive any remuneration from B&B for this effort and will not profit from your generous contribution(s). Razors and other items are offered as is, where is without warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. What you see is what you get. No refunds. No exchanges. Look at it this way; if you're not happy with the goodies you win, be consoled by your new paperweights and altruistic actions in perpetuating B&B.

OK, I think I got it all. Any questions, please ask.On your marks, get set, go to PayPal and contribute!!(Pictures below are in no particular order)I probably missed a pic or two, if there is something you wanted to see but can't find the pic send me a PM.

View attachment 226575View attachment 230946View attachment 230947View attachment 230948View attachment 230949

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More pics...


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And more...

There will be a few more items added as the fundraiser progresses. Have fun and thanks for your support!
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Oh my, Oh my, Oh my !!!!! Harry say it ain't so !!!!!

and for all you Sabbaticalians out there... This does not count !!!!!
Hey Harry. I hope I did everything correctly. Paid up with PayPal, posted in the thread you linked to. Love it. And happy to support B&B.

Cheers, Todd
Oh man, I've had my eye on the 2008 forever (or at least sometime after 2008). The $100 pool might be smaller :idea:


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Wow, did I see 2 B&B 2009 Kent LE Butterscotch??? As a Committee member, I deem myself ineligible, but, man, would I like a chance at the watch, or the 2009 B&B Ebony LE brush. Oh well.
I made a contribution last week am I eligible for this?

I made my contribution on the 15th so I hope I am in!

From the original post:
A raffle will be held to award the goodies listed below to four deserving B&B contributors. The entry period for the raffle begins now and will end at 7:00 PM CDT on Wednesday April 4, 2012.

I just re-up'ed about a week ago myself, but I don't think it will qualify us for the drawing. Guess it is time to dig deep!

EDIT: sorry, quoted wrong post.
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