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The "Here's some more product so you can use more product" PIF

Arko baby! As this is one of the only two I've tried. Pif like this would have me set forever! Thanks for a great pif!
Very generous PIF, well done! Please don't include me in the list but Mama Bear is my favorite and there is no way I could pick a favorite I haven't even tried them all yet. :lol:
Arko stick.

Only because I'm a newbie and my only other soap is the VDH.

Winning this motherload of soaps would increase my supply by about 700% :)
Proraso Green.
I have ample supplies so count me out.

Very nice of you to do this PIF! B&B is unlike any website I have encountered; very giving members.
I gotta go with C.O. Bigelow.
As I am still new and have been pretty much using that exclusively with an occasional foray into something different. But always get a good shave with it.
Very Generous PIF please include me.
Geo F Trumper's Coconut cream, but only by a whisker (pun intended).

Very generous PIF - I still haven't shaken the SCAD yet either!
Tabac soap for me! Still new and need to try other but haven't................yet :)

I do have some C.O. Bigelow on the way and looking forward to using a cream!!

Great PIF!!! Thx!
No outstanding favorites for me so far. Right now I'm in rotation with Speick, Arko and Cella. I haven't tried any of the products in the PIF with the exception of the T&H Lavender. Great PIF!
Coconut Lime is my favorite, but just got a soap from The Shave Den called "Monkey Farts" can't go wrong with that! Makes me laugh just typing the name! Great PIF, count me in!
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