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The "Here's some more product so you can use more product" PIF

In celebration of both my 183rd post and my admission of defeat by and addiction to SSAD and SCAD (it's kinda liberating), I'm hosting a PIF that will hopefully make room in my shave den for some incoming product and also to say thank-you to all the wonderful members here who have made my first few months a genuine pleasure.

Like the title says, this PIF is all about the software -- shaving cream, shaving soap, aftershave splash, and bath/body soap. Oh, and some DE blades for safety razor shavers and CrOx powder for straight razor shavers to round things out. Here is what I've thrown in the pot so far (sorry, my camera has been dead for a while so no pics for now, but I'll try my best to borrow one before week's end):

-- RazoRock Artisan Shaving Soap, Boston Tea Party, 125 ml
-- P.160 Sapone Speciale Per Barba, Tipo Morbido, 125 ml (see footnote)
-- Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap (blue tub), 125 g (used once with new brush)
-- LUSH Dirty Shaving Cream, brushless, 100 g (dipped into once w/ new popsicle stick)
-- Al Raz Shaving Cream Bomb, Palermo, 1/4 oz. sampler
-- Queen Charlotte Soap Shaving Cream, Green Irish Tweed-type, 1/4 oz. sampler
-- Malaspina Soap Factory Triple Delight Shaving Cream, Cherry Tobacco, 1/4 oz. sampler
-- Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream, Lavender, 1/4 oz. sampler
-- Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave Splash, Bay Rum-Sage-Cedar, 2 fl. oz.
-- Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne, 2 fl. oz.
-- Green Irish Tweed EdP by Creed, 1 ml sample vial
-- Power EdT by Kenzo, 1.5 ml sample spray vial
-- Burt's Bees Bar Soap for men
-- Lord Platinum DE blades, 5 pack
-- Astra Superior Platinum DE blades, 5 pack

-- Japanese Knife Sharpening Chromium Oxide Dry Honing Compound, 0.3 micron, little ziploc baggie

I was going to set the entrant parameters to those who've replied to my posts directly, or even those who've just posted within a thread that I created, but my experience here goes way beyond only those people. Waaay beyond that. So I'm opening it up to the entire pool of B&B members (residing in Canada and the continental U.S.), but asking that those with shave dens bursting at the seams consider sitting this one out and leaving it to newbies or newbie-ish members who are still in the experimental phase of their addiction and have yet to hone in on their product preferences. It's a fuzzy line, to be sure, but I'll leave it up to people's own good judgement as to on which side of that line they fall.

I'll set the window on this for one week from today. So on July 22 (Saturday), I will www.random.org it up using your post number as your entrance number. To be included, simply state your single favourite shaving soap or cream at the beginning of your post. EDIT: Guys, you're favourite does not have to be from the ones in this PIF, unless one of 'em happens to be your fave). Good luck and good shave, gentlemen!

Note: The P.160 is from the Italian Barber before they started using the screw top containers. I transferred it from the disposable plastic snap top tub into a cleaned and sanitized screw top container that originally housed some Body Shop Cranberry Moisturizer. The fruity fragrance from the moisturizer could not be diminished as it tenaciously got into the plastic and has since scented the P.160. As it is unused, I haven't tried lathering it to see if it smells like fruitiness or almonds once removed from the container. Anyway, in the tub it smells more like a general fruitiness than cranberry, but other than that scent it should be the same ol' kick-butt P.160 shaving soap that many of us have come to love -- pure awesomeness!
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My favorite soap so far is MWF. This is a wonderful PIF! The winner will definitely be pleased with the amount of goodies offered here.
I have only shaved with the Omega soap that came with my starter kit so that is my favorite by default. I would love to be in the running for this most generous PIF. Good luck everyone
Ummmm...I'm a brand noob and only have the OS soap in the OS mug with an old boar brush and shave with bic disposables. Does that cover my virgin status on this? Still searching and researching for the mildest Gillette DE out there. So far I'm thnking its the 40s super speed or a blue tip SS. Oh yeah, great PIF!! Thanks!

I've been around for a while, still have only used 2 types of cream, two razors, and two types of blades. If I'm not noob enough, feel free to delete my post :)
holy wow!!!! all for one? or multi winners here? count me in! sounds like some cool stuff i have never tried.

ohh,, i re-read that. "list my fav"..
but i have never tried any of those.....
vdh for the good lather.
bay rum for the scent
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I've been around for a while, still have only used 2 types of cream, two razors, and two types of blades. If I'm not noob enough, feel free to delete my post :)


Nobody's posts will be deleted. The number of products in your den is not necessarily a determining factor of whether or not you should enter, nor is length of membership here, or even how long you've been wet shaving. Nothing has to be justified in your entry post. Just enjoy and hope your number comes up!
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Proraso but J.M. Frasers is right next to it.

I have never received a PIF, but I have been DE shaving for 3 months now (wet shaving for 18 years.) I am in the process of trying to convert my brother in law and 2 of my friends. (They are den-less.) Perhaps I could share the wealth with them based on your generosity and get them started. Either way, thank you for this opportunity.
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