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The Hawkins & Brimble post-shave cream in more detail

Good afternoon all.

As you may have gathered from some of my reviews I use the Hawkins & Brimble post-shave cream (which was one of my Christmas presents from my sister-in-law). Thought I'd do a more detailed review of it.

The cream comes in a very nice metal tube. I have always liked the metal tubes as it gives it a more luxurious feel (think of oil paints sold in metal tubes rather than the thin weedy watercolours in a plastic tray).

Now on to the cream itself. It is very thick indeed so you only need a small amount (about the size of a pea). It is unscented as well so it won't clash with any aftershaves or colognes. When applied, it provides a really nice soothing layer that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Also because of its thickness I find it slightly easier to apply than some liquid skin foods.

Give it a try. I highly recommend it indeed!



three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
I used this for a few days and it was very nice, but then I developed a reaction to one of the ingredients. I don't know which one, or why it took a few days, but I'm using the rest as hand cream.
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