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The greatest 5 member superband ever

If you asked me to pick ANY musician living or dead, that I could see live in their prime, I would want to sit front row on the floor for PRINCE.
That's pretty much my stance too, although I never had the privilege of seeing him live.

Nina Simone and Stevie Ray Vaughan would be the only other two I can think of that, for me at least, fall on equal footing.
I'll agree with you on SRV. I missed out on seeing him at Massey Hall in Toronto, because I was a moron and told my brother I was saving money to see Ozzy (again).
Hindsight I suppose... Nice to run into another Toronto native on this thread.
Guess who is the best Canadian band ever. That is a statement of fact, not a question.
What about BTO?
Second-best. I consider them to be "Guess Who without Burton Cummings". So kind of the same band, sort of.
I'm of a generation that grew up listening to the Hip. In my book, Gord and company are it.

I can certainly appreciate the older classics though. You could make an argument to include The Band (all but Levon) too.
Lead guitar, vocals: Dave Rawlings
Rhythm guitar, vocals: Gillian Welch
Fiddle: Brittany Haas
Multiple instruments, vocals: Willie Watson
Bass: Paul Kowert

Don't need no drummer with this outfit.
Greatest 5 person Canadian band, no more than one person from each "feeder group".

Percussion - Neil Peart from RUSH
Guitars - Randy Bachman from BTO
Keyboards - Burton Cummings from the Guess Who
Bass - Jim Creeggan from the Barenaked Ladies
Guitars - Jeff Healey from the Jeff Healey Group
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