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The Great Southern Land (Australia)

Evening gentlemen.

Hope everyone is well.

Well Tassie razor prices have certainly gone up since last time I looked. Rode the bicycle (my latest obsession ) 75 kms ( there and back) up to New Norfolk ( Kirk's country and well known for it's antique shops). Found 2 cased Fatboys, no blade case and after I saw the price tag ($95 each ) didn't look too hard at their condition. In addition, a brown bakelite bush, $30...... Wowsers !
Surprised you all haven't forgotten about me, I know exactly where you're talking about, I left the 7140 post code at the start of last year, never looked back, have been in New Nolfolk around 3-4 times in the past year, we've got to catch up mate. Rocking the Lycra eh? that's a long bike ride and dodgy roads.
Checking back in, still alive and kicking, although this Land Rover will be the death of me.
A Land Rover was once nearly the death of me. A long wheelbase MkII to be exact. The English had several blind spots when it came to automotive engineering: oil seals, earth wires and hand brakes. The last of those was the cause of my near death experience, although the vehicle in question suffered its share of the previous two.