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The Great Seasonal Shaving Soap Swap-Out! Am I the Only One That Does This?!?!


Goose Poop Connoisseur
ARKO - The soap for all seasons. There I beat @FarmerTan to it!

The apple harvest is on here, prompting me to order some Stirling "Hot Apple Cider." Will probably order more seasonals as autumn tightens its grip. No pumpkin spice. though!

(I must confess, my preference is for citrus scents the year 'round.)
Summer: Italian Colonias, Metholated varieties, Oceanics, etc.
Fall/Spring: Vetivers
Winter: Spiced scents, woody/leathery offerings, Evergreens, etc

Any time: Fine Platinum, Mitchells' Wool Fat, MdC Fougere, etc.
Here's the Fall selections ...


But October / Halloween will have Hallows, Lycanthropy and Flowers in the Attic ... Maybe Krampus.

Pomona is a new one for me but after only one use, I can’t see not having this one in my Fall rotation moving forward. Excellent scent and performance.
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