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The Great Louisiana Flood of 2016

I have been behind on my updates and things are kind of happening all at once. We have the cabinets painted (except for two doors...they got wet and we had to replace them so we will get them painted as soon as possible. The granite went in on Monday as well as some of our interior doors were delivered. Last night our trim and shoe molding/quarter round was delivered and we were told that they will be installed this week or early next week. So things are going quick. I have several pictures of the granite in the house and let me tell you...they look awesome! The wife and I (mostly the wife) picked out some great granite and got some really good prices on all of it. The two bathrooms we basically told the vendor to use remnants if they had them. Didn't care what they were as long as they were mostly neutral. The island we lucked out on. The granite we really liked was VERY expensive. But the vendor had a remnant also that would be large enough to fit it and gave us a GREAT discount on it. The rest of the kitchen wasn't cheap but no granite is. We splurged a little...but just a little. Here are some pics of what was installed...

The whole kitchen...these pics really don't do it justice.
$Granite 1.jpg

The counter top granite was cut from one slab and has no seams...all one piece where it could be.
$granite 3.jpg

The granite is called Riviera White
$granite 4.jpg

More to come..


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Haven't commented in awhile but I sure love checking this thread and seeing the progress

This message brought to you by Chad's phone.... most likely with typos
Thanks guys for all the kind words! Things are progressing nicely. It just seems like as soon as we get something done...we realize that we have a ton more to do. At least we are getting to the point where the stuff we have left to do is "finishing" stuff. If they can get our doors and baseboards in this week then we might be ready to move in! Appliances are supposed to be delivered and installed on Saturday.

I am not going to lie...this has been one of...if not the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. And I have been in some very tough spots. I know for the most part this thread has been positive and I have only eluded to some of the low points during this duration. But let me tell you...the stress levels have been through the roof and things haven't been great all the time. This is an emotional marathon. The wife and I have fought more times in the past two months than we have our entire marriage and relationship. Don't worry...we have come to realize each other's strengths and weaknesses through this and I have come to understand my wife more than I have before (that's a good thing right?). And even now...when the end is in sight...there is so much anxiety on her part and mine. What is very interesting is how we each deal with the stress and anxiety. I am more of an internal guy while she is more external. And this has been a point of contention, believe it or not. She gets mad at me for not reacting and I get upset at her for over-reacting. Things have been dicey from time to time and there have been other factors that have come out of no where that have weighed on us for the good or for the bad. But we have persevered and I really think that this event...while I never want to go through anything like this again...has made us stronger in some respects. But there is still room for failure so I can't get too cocky. There is a ton that I would like to impart to other people but that will be for another time. Because I still have so much to learn. I am glad things are looking up...but while the goal is in sight...we are not there yet. Thanks for reading guys!


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Don, I'd be surprised if anyone could go through what you have without a great deal of stress and a number of flare-ups. In fact, I would be worried about such a person. It's obvious, though, that you and your wife are getting it all done.

This is the sort of strife that can bring persons closer together for having survived it. It's good to hear that the love between you and your wife is more powerful than a devastating flood. :001_wub::thumbup:
I've been told that if a marriage can survive wallpapering and a basement flood, it is fit to stand time. After 29 years, I can say that ain't far off. :tongue_sm
I just caught this thread. I know you did not want to go thru this, but the house looks VERY nice. One day you can plop down and do nothing but watch football!
Sorry Gents...

I have been super busy with both the house and work. I had to spend the week in the Washington DC area and then there has been so much with the house I have been doing. A bunch of little things...but there is so much to do. I am not really sure where I left off at and I will try to get pics up tomorrow...but the house is coming right along. So far along in fact that this past Sunday, the wife and I decided to move back in. There is still a lot to do (filling holes on the trim, caulking, painting, CLEANING, etc), but we are getting there. No living room furniture yet, but we have a bedroom set. Kitchen is mostly done, just need the back splash grouted. We have all of our major appliances, though the brand new dryer doesn't work (the wife is not very happy about that), but the service guy is coming this week. All in all things are progressing with not much trouble. There are a few things that need to be addressed, but considering two and a half months ago this house had almost five feet of water in it...I think we are doing just fine. This thread will probably go on for another four months or so...maybe more...because there is just that much little stuff to do. I will try to post more soon...and with pics!
Glad things are moving along and you are home

This message brought to you by Chad's phone.... most likely with typos
Been back in the house for a week now. And while there is still much to do...it feels great to be back. I can wake up and make my own coffee in my own coffee pot. Still lacking a little furniture but it should be here this week or the next. I did mostly cleanup this week. I pulled everything out of the garage and tossed what couldn't be used. Then pressure washed the garage floor. It still had a ton of construction crud and a thin coating of mud. Then kind of organized all of the contents so that it is sort of a functional garage again. Also pressure washed the house, walkway, driveway, back patio, and patio furniture. The wife put on the handles and knobs for the kitchen cabinets as well as the bathroom. She also put in toilet roll holders and towel rings and bars. There is just so much little stuff that needs to be done. We haven't even attempted to start painting doors yet. Anyway...here is to a happy Sunday morning to all of you. I know I am grateful for it...the house is in a much different place than it was two months and three weeks ago.
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