The great blade vote!

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by LightShave, May 21, 2015.

    Perma-Sharp Super.
  1. NACET :thumbup1:
  2. PMT


    Merkur, I know, but YMMV
  3. Voskhod
  4. Personna Labs are the sharpest I've found without giving me irritation.
  5. Feather for me.
  6. Rapira platinum lux
  7. 1. Feather
    2. PolSilver SI
    3. Gillette SilverBlue
  8. Voskhod
  9. Sputnik
  10. Votes have been updated. Some underdogs rising in the list! Almost 50 votes well done guys.
  11. Feather.
  12. Feather
  13. GSB

    ...although this is such a razor dependent issue!!!
  14. I test all my blades in a mild & aggressive then a Shavette..
  15. Voskhod
  16. Best combo is Astra SP
  17. I've said it before: Feathers have strong and consistently loyal support but PPI has the bulk of the most commonly preferred blades. This will tend to split votes between Polsilver, GSB, Nacet, 7 O'Clock, etc. We don't even know if some of the PPI blades are the same but in different packaging.
  18. Feather
  19. Feather

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