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The great blade vote!

Is it possible to change my vote? I voted for Feather, but after much more use of the GSB I have to say for me it is better.

However, my oldest son (34) decided to give dad's mode of shaving a try and loves it. He got a brand new (never used & still in the box) triangle slot, thick handle (black handle, gold head) Tech and loves it. He tried the GSB but they weren't enough for him. I gave him some Feathers and he loves those. He just told me again yesterday.

If I can't change my vote it sort of is a wash anyway between my son and me :001_smile
I have tried GSB, Polsilver, Astra SP and SS, Feather, Super Max Platinum, Israeli Personna, Gillette 7 O'clock yellow and green, Derby, Bolzano, Dorko (Made in Vietnam) and KAI. I vote for KAI.
I'll put my vote in, Med Prep.
I have tried 25-30 different blades at this point and the Personna Med Prep won out over the Polsilver in a close one. I easily got 2 weeks of shaves with both(shaving every day), the last two shaves were just smoother with the Med Prep. I used with two blades of each in same razor to reach my conclusion.
I still have a dozen more blades that I haven't tried, and I find it hard think that any one of them would unseat the great Med Prep.
Three of those pose a threat to topple in the Gillette Platinum, Gillette Nacet, and Rapira Platinum Lux.
At this point, I'm amazed that the Med Prep only has one vote!
Gillette Nacet for me, sharp, very smooth and last for 5-7 shaves for me which is more than any other blade so far.
I also love Voskhod, virtually all the Rapira blades as well as Sputniks and Ladas !
$Razors Gillette New Gold1.jpg
My grandfather used Polsilver
My dad used Polsilver
I use Polsilver..

They are the cheapest blades in my country, and I like them, because they last long and are sharp.
I tried Bic this week and was pleasantly surprised. It was as good for me as my top 2, the GSB and PolSilver. It lasted 3 good days also. Is it generally not favored and didn't make the cut?
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