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The great blade vote!

It's as simple as the title says.

Lots of members are very interested in the sharpness and smoothness of blades. The rules are simple. Vote for the blade you think is the sharpest and smoothest. Every member gets one vote in the comments.

Votes: 61/65,350

#1 Feather
: 19
#2 Gillette Silver Blue Stainless: 11
#3 PolSilver Super iridium: 9

Voskhod: 4
Gillette Nacet: 3
Rapira Platinum Lux: 2
Wilkinson Sword: 2
Personna Super: 2
Shark Super Stainless: 1
Kai Stainless: 1
Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinum: 1
Gillette Platinum: 1
Personna Super Medical Prep: 1
Perma-Sharp Super: 1
Merkur Super: 1
Sputnik: 1
Astra Superior Platinum: 1
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That is one vote, I did the running total at the bottom but voted PolSilver SI.

Current Running Total
Feather: 2
PolSilver SI: 2
Shark SS: 1
Gillette 7-O'clock - black

Should be interesting to see.

These are so much YMMV, I am sure you will get people's favourites and worst blades on the list.
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