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The Great .30-06

I purchased a Ruger M77 chambered in .30-06 new in 1982. Its the original design prior to the change to the MkII in the early 90's. It came with a beautiful walnut stock. That stock has quite a few battle scars now. Every now and then I consider putting a synthetic stock on it. Then I pull the old soldier out, run my hands over the stock, and remember all of the great hunts I had with her. I shot my first whitetail deer with that rifle. OUt of the box accuracy was ok, then I free-floated the barrel and accuracy is very very good.

I've used that aught-6 to take a whitetail deer, black bear, and moose in Minnesota, a couple elk in Colorado, and a few mulies in Montana.

I do have other rifles that are good in certain situations. However, if I could only own one rifle, it would be chambered for the .30-06.

As others have stated, its also a joy to reload. Easy, and many many options for powders and projectiles to choose from.


Had a Remington 700 ADL some years back. Nice enough rifle but all the evil rumors about the Walker trigger just got me antsy. Wasn't real happy about the captive magazine setup either. Got a killer deal on this....Browning A-Bolt .30-06. That was that.
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